A woman that had this experience is most likely to have many dreams about it. Even though the dream may be disturbing or anxiety-provoking, it is a healing dream. It is possible that in your dream state you are working toward acceptance and are resolving any unconscious feelings. If a man is having this dream, it usually means that he is experiencing guilt feelings and may be anticipating failure of some kind. If a woman who has not had this experience is having this dream, it may be a warning about her health or may indicate that she is feeling significant anxiety about current endeavors. For a man this dream portends failure in his current interest, whether it concerns love or money. For a woman it is a warning to look after her health. You will not succeed in the project you are presently working on. Better make alternate plans. Any project now or upcoming is less than promising to succeed. It looks as though it does not have what it may seem to hold to make it a go. Let go, Let God.Give it up. Consciously (purposely) letting it go. The child within is being shoved aside. If you quit, you cannot succeed. If something is undesirable, perhaps it is best to move away from it. Are you being told to give something up or are you being told that you are consciously, by decision, doing something that is going to cause you to lose something, either for the positive or negative benefit? Poor health. A decision to let go of something that has caused sadness.