General Meaning: This is the same as the word Veil used in Scriptures. A curtain speaks of things that are hidden. Going behind the veil speaks of entering into an intimate relationship with the Lord. • Positive: Often the Lord hides things from us until we are ready to see them. Often in the spirit as I prayed I saw a curtain in front of a door where the Lord said that He would soon reveal something He has been preparing for me. • This is something to look forward to and a blessing of promise. • The curtains in the Old Testament concealed the glory of the Lord. Going behind a curtain speaks of entering into intimacy with the Lord. • Negative: Hiding your heart behind a curtain speaks of putting on masks to hide your real self. Often when people have faced difficult things in life, they hide their heart and feelings from others to protect themselves. Unfortunately these are curtains that prevent them from entering into the presence of God. • They are then stuck on the other side of the curtain and struggle to sense the Lord’s presence. The only solution is to allow the Lord to bring healing to the past and to deal with any bitterness that remains. • Often when I have prayed for others I have seen bitterness in their lives as curtains around their hearts. Before they can be healed or enter into a intimate relationship with the Lord, these curtains/veils need to be lifted..