General Meaning: A fountain is a picture of the things that come out of your spirit. You release what is inside of your spirit through words or actions. Depending on what comes out is a picture of what is really in your heart. • Positive: A fountain that is clean and pure means that you are full of the life of Christ. You are a blessing to God’s people and the Lord can use you to minister. • Proverbs 18:4 The words of a man’s mouth [are like] deep waters, a fountain of wisdom that gushes forth like a brook. • If you have a dream or vision of drinking from a clean fountain, it is a picture that wherever you are receiving your ministry from at the moment is where God wants you to be. You are receiving life and good teaching. • Negative: On the other side though, if the water is dirty, then the Lord is warning you that the teaching and impartation you are receiving is contaminated. • If the fountain is dirty or bitter, it is a picture that there is something wrong in your life. Your spirit is contaminated with bitterness, and bad teaching and spiritual impartations. • If you tend to travel around just receiving from anyone, it is quite possible that you have received a curse along the way. • If you still hold bitterness in your heart towards anyone, this is contaminating your spirit! Not only is it holding you back from entering into an intimate relationship with the Lord, but it will contaminate others you try to minister to. • Dreaming or seeing a vision of a dirty foundation is a warning to you. You need to deal with the things that are contaminating your spirit. • See also: River, Water.