Black Horses

A black horse can mean something in your life is about to change or it can signify delays, mystery or wildness. It can be an indicator of the unknown – you are taking a risk with a situation you don’t fully understand. Or, success may come your way, but only because you will be deceitful! If a woman dreams of a black horse she might be fearful of betrayal.

White/Grey Horse

White can mean purity, prosperity and good fortune – a very positive colour of horse to dream about. However, it could be that someone needs your help and you can make a big difference to them.

Bay Horse

Bay may mean you have simple, secure and positive instincts. It can signify enjoyment of wealth and, if you see yourself riding a bay horse, then there will be more wealth to enjoy!

Appies & Pintos Horse

To dream of a piebald or appaloosa shows you will benefit from more than one source.

Dark Grey Horse

Difficulties are ahead if you see a grey horse in your dreams.

Palomino Horses

Dreaming of a palomino always relates to love.

Red or Blue Horses

A red horse means fear, anxiety or negative feelings, (I’m not sure if this applies to chestnuts?) and if the horse is blue then the message may be of sadness.