General Meaning: A rock speaks of something that causes you to stumble, or something that causes you to stand secure. The interpretation will differ depending on the context of your dream or vision. • Positive: A rock that you lean on or hold onto is a lovely picture of your faith in the Lord. It is there to keep you steady and prevent you from falling. • The best image we have for a rock is Jesus Christ. Solid and the foundation of the church, if you build your life on Him, no storm can overcome you! • 1 Corinthians 10:4 And all drank the same spiritual Drinking: for they drank from that spiritual rock that followed them: and that rock was Christ. • Standing on a rock speaks of being secure and not being moved by anything that goes on round about you. It means that you are doing things God’s way. • Negative: A rock that causes you to hurt yourself or to stumble is a picture of a hindrance in your life. • Are you trying to go in a certain direction and you feel that you are being blocked? If so then your dream is a confirmation of this. • I often see stones and rocks along a path when praying for someone. This is negative and speaks of the blockages the enemy has put in your way. • These things are not from the Lord, and you need to stand up in your spiritual authority to overcome them. • See also: Stone.