General Meaning: A covenant ritual whereby two become one. Positive: The best illustration we have of this is the wedding of Christ to His bride. The wedding ceremony is in fact a covenant ritual act. • In the Old Testament when two people entered into a blood covenant, they would do various acts. • Firstly they would cut their hands and join blood. Then they would rub ash into the wound so that it would leave a scar. They would also exchange their belts, representing their strengths. • The scar was a public sign of their covenant, much like the wedding ring is. The mixing of blood is symbolic of the sexual act of marriage. • The exchange of belts in marriage is the joining of two lives. Where your strengths become one. • When the blood covenant was over, the two of them had all things in common. Neither considered what they had as their own. • When you realize that this is also a picture of our relationship with Jesus it brings you to a new realization of who you are in Christ. • If you dream of being married, the Lord is reminding you that you are in blood covenant with Him! • All He has is yours and all you have is also His. He is asking you to give your life to Him completely and to also take hold of His completely. • Every physical, psychological and spiritual blessing that Jesus has, is available to you through this covenant. • For more on blood covenant, look at the love of David and Jonathan in 1 Sam 18:3 • Divorce • When you came to the Lord, you divorced your old life and married into His. If you dream that you are divorcing someone that represents the flesh in your life, this means that you are finally letting go of your old life to be joined to Christ. • Negative: To dream that you are getting divorced from someone that represents the Lord in your dreams means that you have separated yourself from the blessing of God. • Israel lost this blessing because they turned their backs on the Lord and followed idols. • See also: Bride, Bridegroom.