See positions.

What is superior or has a wider view or possibility than our present standpoint; sense of inferiority in relation­ship to what is above us; what we strive for.

If we are standing above, high up: having a wider viewpoint; being intellectual, feeling superior or in a position of advantage. Idioms: above all; above and beyond; above asking; above oneself; above board, above one’s station, risen above oneself. See high; hill; mountain; flying.

A positive direction or position

See position

(Hanging and about to fall) Some danger awaits you, but may be avoided if the object does not fall.

If looking up, a sign to set one’s goals higher.

Dreams of something being above you signify an expanded point of view, higher awareness, and your connection to your angelic guides, and spirit allies. Just as in real life, when you can remove yourself from a problem or challenge, the solutions become clear.

If you are above looking down, you are seeing your life circumstances from a vantage point of wisdom.

If you are looking above from the ground level, you are seeking divine guidance and intervention. See Prayer.

To see anything hanging above you, and about to fall, implies danger; if it falls upon you it may be ruin or sudden disappointment.

If it falls near, but misses you, it is a sign that you will have a narrow escape from loss of money, or other misfortunes may follow. Should it be securely fixed above you, so as not to imply danger, your condition will improve after threatened loss.

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