Example: ‘Was looking at my knuckle and saw that I had a nasty boil which had come away as I did the washing up and all that was left was a big hole, pink and healthy looking skin around. It felt very close to my knuckle bone. (My lover had told me he was leaving me for good, and going back to his children. That evening, I cried most of the night.)’ (Hilary K). In Hilary’s case the abscess has released its pus, or painful feelings, perhaps through her prolonged crying. Ab­scess still swollen and unrelieved: emotions still repressed and may be causing psychological infection, influencing views and decisions negatively.

The emotions are, with Hilary, af­fecting her grasp’. She also uses other imaged word play in ‘near the knuckle’. Washed up shows her clearing away the influence of her ‘evening meal’ of experience.

The dream ab­scess may also represent a site of physical illness which may or may not be obvious while awake. See individuation.

A festering state of progressive spiritual deterioration; research the anatomical location

(Boil; Tumor; Ulcer. See Pimple)

Need for cleansing—similar to Sewage / Waste.

A negative attitude needs to be overcome. Expression of disgust towards one’s own body, or physical self-cleansing.

Folklore: Health, or quick recuperation.

A behavior or attitude that takes on unhealthy or overwhelming proportions.

A dream of illness is one of contrary meaning, and signifies that you will enjoy good health, or a speedy recovery if you are already ill.

1. Need to express something painful.

2. Need to get rid of a particular problem.

Dreams of an abscess are about a belief system, relationship or a situation that has become infected. Keep in mind that this dream is pointing out that something is not working, so that you can take the action necessary toward a positive change. Consider the location of the abscess on the body to determine its symbolism. See Body.

To dream that you have an abscess which seems to have reached a chronic stage, you will be overwhelmed with misfortune of your own; at the same time your deepest sympathies will be enlisted for the sorrows of others.

A problem the dreamer refuses to accept/acknowledge. Problems can be overcome when problems are faced. 

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To dream of having any of these afflictions foretells good fortune and good health, preceded by a temporary sickness (Raphael) « Dreams probably caused by irritation of the parts of the body afflicted in the sleep; the interpretation obviously attributable to the theory that these visitations clear the system of impurities, thereby conferring comfort after sickness.... The Fabric of Dream
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