İmplies the need to get started

An accelerator or gas pedal or throttle on a boat and possibly even an airplane, can be an indication that you will achieve your objectives with little outside help other then your own efforts. However if the accelerator is jammed or broken and you lost control of it, it is a warning not to develop a habit which could turn into a most unwanted vice.

1. A warning to slow down.

2. If in control of an accel­erator (whether it be on a car, boat or aircraft), then one is in control of his/her destiny.

3. If accelerator is jammed, part of one’s life is out of control (e.G., Drinking).

Dreams of an accelerator symbolize the need for speed and your desire to move forward in your life with velocity toward your goals.

Using it to increase the speed of a car (or any other vehicle) indicates that you will achieve your objectives through your own efforts. If, in your dream the accelerator jammed or you were unable to control it, it is a warning to beware of a habit which could turn into a vice if you’re not careful.

A properly functioning accelerator, gas pedal, or throttle on a motor vehicle indicates you will achieve your goals by your own efforts.

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