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Dreams of acceptance forecast that an opportunity is coming your way. This dream reflects your receptive, feminine spirit, and that you are accepting responsibility for your life and actions. However, dreaming of accepting blame that is not yours is a sign to set boundaries. Consider the feeling tone of this dream to determine its message.

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The interpretation of this dream depends on its aspect.

If it involved a proposal of marriage and you accepted (or were accepted), it is a dream of contrary and you can expect a rocky road to romance. However, if you persevere, it may, in time, smooth out.

If the dream involved the acceptance of money or anything else of value, it portends success in pending business matters. Acceptance of anything which is fake or counterfeit suggests you may be too trusting, so reexamine your current relationships.

To accept an invitation is a forerunner to an inheritance or an unexpected gift. **Acceptance: Slow, laborious or delayed acceptance of a person, place or thing shows you have taken the right measures and allotted the right efforts and success is assured very soon. Quick acceptance shows you have been careless and too accepting in this matter and discrepancies are bound to crop up from it. Reevaluating is called for in this situation. Gypsy lore says that a young woman who dreams that she is proposed marriage to and accepts quickly is an indication that her wedding will meet with an unexpected (overlooked) and delaying situations.

To accept a business deal means future success, even if it does not appear to be so at the time.

To be accepted by a lover indicates happiness with that person. 

Accept | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Revealed to remove doubt and bring peace... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


New American Dream Dictionary

1. If yearning for acceptance, one does not feel wor­thy.

2. If accepted for something, one’s sense of worth is con­firmed. ... New American Dream Dictionary


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

For some reason this seems to work with opposite meaning. Slow and laborious progress before final acceptance (in a dream) indicates quick success to come, while easy acceptance indicates trouble ahead. Acceptance can be shown in many ways. Perhaps, in your dream, you propose to a young lady and she accepts.

An easy, almost immediate acceptance would forebode trouble ahead. Gypsies say that for a young woman to dream that she has accepted her lover’s marriage proposal is a sign that there will be an unexpected delay in their wedding plans.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


The Language of Dreams

(see Judgment, Notarization)

This is a very positive dream in which you welcome various aspects of self, others, or the Divine without expectation.... The Language of Dreams


The Complete Dream Book

For a man to dream that one of his business propositions has been accepted is an indication that he is on the road to financial success.... The Complete Dream Book


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of acceptance could reveal issues of self-esteem and whether you’re living up to the assumptions of others. During a dream in which you’re awake, you may seek favorable reception from others.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


My Dream Interpretation

To dream about acceptance, indicates issues of self-esteem and measuring up to the expectations of others.

If you felt less than completely accepted in your dream, there is a waking situation where you are seeking acceptance and wanting to be a part of things.

If you did feel accepted in your dream, you are gaining confidence and the ability to see your own good qualities.... My Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

For a business man to dream that his proposition has been accepted, foretells that he will succeed in making a trade, which heretofore looked as if it would prove a failure.

For a lover to dream that he has been accepted by his sweetheart, denotes that he will happily wed the object of his own and others’ admiration.

If this dream has been occasioned by overanxiety and weakness, the contrary may be expected.

The elementary influences often play pranks upon weak and credulous minds by lying, and deceptive utterances. Therefore the dreamer should live a pure life, fortified by a strong will, thus controlling his destiny by expelling from it involuntary intrusions. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Mystic Dream Book

To dream that you have been accepted by your lover, or if a woman, that your lover has proposed to you and that you have accepted him, is generally considered a dream of contrary. It is a warning that your love affairs will not prosper, or at least that it will be a long time coming right. In some localities, however, it is looked upon as a fortunate omen. ... Mystic Dream Book


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Accepting something from the dead is regarded as good while giving him something is regarded as bad.

If a person sees a dead person giving him something of this world it mean he will acquire livelihood from an unimaginable source. And if he sees himself giving a dead person clothes normally worn by living persons and he accepts such clothes and wears them it means he (the giver) has a short life span.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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