This is a sign of great trouble. You will acquire riches by your own personal efforts.

Obviously, there is not much difference between this and ABUSE, except that the nature of the trouble is more clearly defined. It is a sign of approaching trouble in business, but in this case, if you can prove your innocence, it shows that you will overcome your difficulties. Vague abuse will show undefined troubles or worries, whereas a definite accusation indicates a more serious matter, some special trouble.

1. If the dreamer is accused of something, he/she is feeling guilty.

2. If the dreamer accuses, he/she sees the accused as guilty of something.

To dream of accusing reflects guilt, blame, shame, and an unwillingness to take personal responsibility for your life. This dream offers you the opportunity to own an aspect of your power that you have yet to embrace, as you come to realize that blaming or accusing someone for your pain only adds insult to injury.

To dream that you accuse any one of a mean action, denotes that you will have quarrels with those under you, and your dignity will be thrown from a high pedestal.

If you are accused, you are in danger of being guilty of distributing scandal in a sly and malicious way. See similar words in following chapters.

To be aware of vague accusation is a warning to be on your guard against being used by unscrupulous people.

If the accusation was clearly defined and you were able to defend yourself or prove your innocence, it portends trouble which you can overcome.

If you were doing the accusing, it is a warning to reassess your personal relationships as you may be heading for trouble that respect.

To be accused by a woman suggests some upsetting news is on the way, but if the accuser was a man, you will have a business success beyond your expectations. **Accused: By a man means good news. By a woman means bad news. 

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My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of being accused by a female, some upsetting news is on the way. But if you defended yourself or proved your innocence in the dream, then you will overcome the troubles that come.

If the accuser in your dream was a male, you will have more success than you hoped for.

If you dreamed of making an accusation, it is a warning to rethink your personal relationships, because you could be headed for trouble in friendship or romance.... My Dream Interpretation

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