Symbolic of high command

See Military Officer.

See Captain, a symbol of manliness, like Abbot, Athlete, and King.

A person of authority. Authority over Water. Water relates to the emotions, compulsive tendencies, or, less often, being particularly sensitive.

A leader and example, but the Admiral also represents masculinity that has rejected aggressiveness.

The dreamer is very self-confident, able to steer the ship of life (although sometimes aggressively). There is a sexual connotation here, since a ship is generally thought of as female. One wants to rule and own women. After all, the Admiral is a seafarer, and a symbol of unrestricted sexuality.

Folklore: A very important event is about to take place.

To dream of a naval officer of high rank, foretells events of importance to yourself.

Dreams of an admiral symbolize that you are standing at the helm of your life, claiming your authority, power, confidence, sea worthiness and leadership.

This high-ranking fellow in your dream signifies success in your social life as well as in your career. 

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Psycho Dream Interpretation

A desire for power, often a symbol of some type of authority that the dreamer hopes to attain.... Psycho Dream Interpretation
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