Vision: Dreaming about risky, thrilling adventures are a sign of impending dangers; or you may be unsure about a present situation (or person). Dreaming about a pleasant adventure: it is high time (or the right time) to make long-range plans for a more active life.

Depth Psychology: An adventure points to your unconscious desire for more freedom and independence.

A scary adventure means fear of uncertainties or skepticism about an actual event.

Being unsure about one’s surroundings; or fearful of a risky relationship while—at the same time— yearning for it. Life is becoming boring; you are looking for adventure and daring in a world that is perceived as being empty. Opposite of the working routine.

An adventure dream may also refer to a chance to become more intimate with oneself. Be glad about the dream; you are gaining self-knowledge and getting closer to your goal!

Determine what kind of adventure it is and what your feelings are. And do remember that adventure may sometimes take place in the internal rather in the external world.

To dream about an adventure suggests that you need to slow down and be careful of the way you are acting, or you may suffer a loss of reputation.

If you enjoy the adventure of your dream, then this indicates a positive and healthy approach to change.

If you do not enjoy the adventure you dream of, then this indicates your resistance and reaction to changes that are taking place in your life.

Desire to travel brings new and exciting avenues opening in your life soon.

The type of adventure governs the interpretation of this dream, and while its meaning is quite straightforward, you must bear in mind that in this exceptional case the prediction pertains only to your feeling about the adventure, rather than the details of it (i.e., pleased, amused, distressed, excited, ashamed, etc.), and you can expect an experience of a similar character shortly. So if your dream adventure left you feeling guilty--put up your guard! If the dream concerned an adventurer, or adventuress, you are probably in for a surprising change of environment. 

Dreaming of being on an adventure means that you are soon going to be facing big changes in your life.

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A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Dreams give us a doorway into a strange and wonderful world. Although it appears to have many of the features of our waking world, such as peo­ple, animals, objects and places, it is nevertheless full of sub­tle surprises and differences.

To enter this world while asleep leaves us largely unaware of its possibilities.

To take waking awareness into our entrance, as happens when we explore a dream through dream processing, unfolds the magic impact of what we meet.

When we open the door of dreams in this way we begin a journey. It has stages, problems to surmount and things to learn, just like any journey. Many people have already trav­elled before us, and there are books such as Alice in Wonder­land, The Odyssey, Exploring Inner Space, and Altered States oj Consciousness which describe journeys and the terrain.

Although we might meet the heights of religious experi­ence as well as the depths of human despair on the journey, in simple terms it is primarily a journey into a confrontation with our own potential, our own fear, our own prison bars of thought and habit, our own ability to lift perception beyond what we have known before and look at the world, and our life in it, from new perspectives. It is a journey towards greater maturity in which we face the humbling vision of our own littleness, the moving encounter with the vulnerable child we once were, the cleaning out of the store cupboards of resent­ment, hurt and anger, the D1Y of conscious renewal of our identity, and the meeting with Love as we experience ourself as a living participator in the wonder of life. We look at birth, we meet death, we gaze into the vast depths of space out of which our being has arisen. Then we find ourselves seeing the faces of the other human beings we live with, and recognising we are all on the journey, and we only have each other. Real­ising we are all waves on a shoreless sea—from no port we move to no destination—we understand our self responsibil­ity, and consider what we will to do with the momentum of our life. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are victimized by an adventurer, proves that you will be an easy prey for flatterers and designing villains. You will be unfortunate in manipulating your affairs to a smooth consistency.

For a young woman to think she is an adventuress, portends that she will be too wrapped up in her own conduct to see that she is being flattered into exchanging her favors for disgrace. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream that you’re an adventurer, you’ve become so obsessed with your own behavior to notice that you have or you are slipping from good moral ground.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Mystic Dream Book

To meet with exciting Adventures in a dream predicts a surprising alteration in your fortune.... Mystic Dream Book
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