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Vision: Looking at an advertisement: be cautious about a deal you are offered—it could be a trap. Advertising something: you are not getting the applause or understanding you expected.

Depth Psychology: Something from deep in your unconscious is trying to get your attention. Maybe you have chosen to ignore or suppress it? See Poster.

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It is a portent of a change in your method of making a living to dream that you insert an advertisement of any kind in a newspaper or other periodical.

Advertising | Dream Interpretation

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: In a woman’s dream, an ad may be a warning that, in the interests of others (family, friends, or colleagues), it is high time to make a long-overdue decision; otherwise, a problem may be made public. Reading an ad means you’ll have to make a decision soon. Or vou will receive news in the near future.

Depth Psychology: The ad either indicates skepticism and lack of enterprise or it is a symbol of new opportunities, possibilities, or contacts waiting for you. See Advertising, Learning, Newspaper, Writing.... Dreamers Dictionary

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

If you were advertising in your dream, avoid some speculative plan, but on the other hand if you read advertisements concerning others, your plans will materialize. It is especially auspicious if the advertisements had illustrations. **Advertisement: To read one indicates someone you trust may cheat you. ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

A long-overdue situation needs to be resolved; otherwise it will become public. Or it is absolutely necessary to make it public. Let the world know about your wishes and longings.

Too much self-congratulation and advertising of oneself, but also creativity and inspiration.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Depending on the content of the dream, this indicates those areas in our lives which need to be acknowledged or recognised.

For instance, an advertisement on a hoarding might mean a way of working in the world, whereas a television advert would represent a way of thinking.

2- There is a need to put ourselves on the line and to be acknowledged for who we are.

If we ourselves arc the subject of the advertisement, we should expect to be more upfront and open about our activities.

If someone we know is advertising themselves in our dream, we may have become aware that they have the ability to help us in our activities. Conversely, our subconscious may be alerting us to their need for help.

3- Information received psychically needs acknowledgement so we can move forwards.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream that you are looking at an advertisement denotes that you should take great care to listen to a subliminal idea.

The subject matter in the ad is indicative of an aspect of yourself that wishes to be noticed or accepted.

If someone you know is advertising themselves, then this symbolizes knowledge or expertise they possess that can aid you with a certain task. You should learn to accept assistance from others rather than trying to tackle a difficult problem on your own.

To dream that you are putting out an advertisement implies that you need to apply more effort in order to attain your desired end result.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Mystic Dream Book

To dream that you are Advertising in the papers is a sign of difficulties ahead of you. It is a good sign, on the other hand, to read an Advertisement inserted by someone else.... Mystic Dream Book

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: There is a need to put ourselves on the line and to be acknowledged for who we are.

If we ourselves are the subject of the advertisement, we should expect to be more upfront and open about our activities.

If someone we know is advertising themselves in our dream, we may have become aware that they have the ability to help us in our activities. Conversely, our subconscious may be alerting us to their need for help.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of bait reflect your issues of power, whether trying to get energy from someone, or struggling to keep your energy in tact. This dream may be showing you that you are falling hook, line, and sinker for someone’s strategy, perhaps an advertising campaign has lured you in to buying something you don’t need, or a person has seduced you into a situation that is not good for you.

If you dream of dropping the bait, then you are trying to hook someone into doing your will.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: If the banner in the dream is a commercial one, such as a street, advertising or protest type, it represents the need to have something, which we may previously have ignored or rejected, brought to our attention.

If the banner is an old fashioned one – as used in medieval battles – it indicates a need to consolidate thoughts and actions.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Ariadne's Book of Dream

A billboard may appear as a huge sign on the road of life. Its advertising message may bnng wisdom or important information for you to take special notice of.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dream Meanings of Versatile

The hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body and signify power and creativity.

The right hand is the ‘power’ hand, while the left is passive and receptive. Sometimes in dreams the left hand can represent cheating.

If the hands are contrasted with each other and / or have a different object in each, it indicates there may be some conflict in us between our beliefs and feelings.

A hand on the breast signifies submission. Clasped hands indicate union or friendship, while clenched hands suggest a threat. Folded hands suggest deep repose or a state of rest.

The hands covering the eyes generally represent shame or horror, while hands crossed at the wrists suggest that we are being bound, perhaps by our own actions.

The open hand represents justice whilst the laying on of hands signifies healing and blessing, particularly if the hand is placed on the neck. Hands placed together give an indication of defencelessness; if they are placed in someone else’s it suggests a pledge of service or commitment. When the hands are raised this can indicate either adoration, prayer or surrender; if the palms are turned outwards a blessing is being given; when they are raised to the head we should give a great deal of thought and care to our current situation. Washing the hands suggests innocenceor rejection of guilt, while wringing the hands signifies grief.

A huge hand, particularly from the sky, suggests that we have been ‘specially chosen’.

For this reason, advertising that contains such an image has a profound effect.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a poster: expect interesting news.

If your name is on the poster: you have behaved badly in a certain matter and others will expose you.

Depth Psychology: The poster usually announces news, sometimes even excitement. See Advertising, Newspaper.... Dreamers Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Refers to intuition and intellect (also in the sense of awareness). Symbol for the color of the sun.

Yellow also stands for irritable feelings. It may also be a sign of mental illness that may be expressed, for instance, in the choice of yellow as a dominating color in paintings, such as those of Van Gogh.

The term “Yellow Peril” warns of mental and physical illness. This is a classic example of how a political term with an archetypal meaning has over time led to new associations, regardless of whether others share the same political opinion. Advertising works in a similar way.

If the yellow seems to have a golden tint to it— abundant harvest, intellectual activities. Dark or muddy / dirty yellow, on the other hand, means envy, greed, jealousy, and betrayal.

In Hinduism, yellow symbolizes the light of life; in Buddhism humility and freedom.

Goethe wrote “[Yellow] is a happy, alive, gentle color, but it can easily become uncomfortable and with the addition of even the slightest amount of another color, it becomes devalued, ugly, and dirty.”... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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