Advice, Dream Interpretation

Conscience; sense of ‘ought’ or ‘should’; what you desire to say but haven’t. See voice; talking.

We all have an inner awareness.

The higher self or spiritual part of ourselves will often manifest itself as a figure that is giving advice, sometimes a figure of authority or a parental figure.

Psychological / emotional perspective: In dreams, accepting advice helps us to acknowledge the need for change – perhaps to be doing something you don’t necessarily want to do. Giving advice is recognizing that you are aware that you have information that can be helpful to others.

Material aspects: Receiving advice in a dream means we should consider guidance from within, possibly from a part of ourselves that is unrecognized.

A little thought will usually reveal which circumstances in our daily lives are under consideration.

Gives gender - specific: In a man’s dream, if he is receiving advice from a woman he may find it helpful to identify with which aspect of his anima he is working. In a woman’s dream, she may wish to consider her animus as an ally rather than as an opponent.

Ifone receives an advice from his enemy in a dream, it means deception, trickery, cheating, duplicity, stratagem, dishonesty and arrogance. (Also see Soliciting advice)

Searching for direction and support from the outside. Friendship and help.

To dream that you are receive some advice, signifies that you have good values.

If you dream of giving advice, you will have quarrels with friends.

An indication of useful friendships, whether you are being Advised, or whether you are Advising some other person. In this case the dream person concerned is seldom the same as the actual friend—you must seek elsewhere for the real name.

1. Giving advice may indicate an arbitrary personality.

2. Taking advice indicates an open, flexible mind.

The advice that you give to someone in a dream is always intended for yourself. Consider the advice, and take your own medicine.

1- Receiving advice in a dream means we should consider guidance from within, possibly from a part of ourselves which is unrecognised.

2- In dreams accepting advice is acknowledging the need to be doing something one doesn’t necessarily want to do. Giving advice is recognising that one is aware of information which can be helpful to others.

3- We have an inner awareness.

The Higher Self will often manifest itself as a figure which is giving advice.

To dream that you receive advice, denotes that you will be enabled to raise your standard of integrity, and strive by honest means to reach independent competency and moral altitude.

To dream that you seek legal advice, foretells that there will be some transactions in your affairs which will create doubt of their merits and legality.

To accept or receive indicates that you will be given a flash of inspiration to follow that will assist you in your current trials and problems.

To give it, indicates that you have an important message (knowledge you already have) to give to someone. Beware of humiliating quarrels with friends if you gave advice in your dream, but if you received advice you will make some new and useful friends. 

To dream of being sensibly advised by an older or wiser person than yourself is a sign that the future holds rich rewards for you in money» honor and.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Appeal; Begging; Bequeath; Plead) To solicit the advice of a religious scholar, a learned person, a lawyer, or ajudge in a dream means to need them in a conflict.

If a rich person asks a poor person for somethingor for a favor in a dream, it means that he could suffer in hell-fire unless he repents from his sins and bigotry. (Also see Advice; Beggar)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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