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Dreaming of an agnostic symbolizes that you are grappling with facts and science, and perhaps you are dealing with doubts that will lead you to grounded, tangible answers. Also, this dream may be guiding you to take a leap of faith.

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Religious disbelief in a dream is a reminder to be more circumspect in your associations with the opposite sex. 

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. To a believer, an affirmation of one’s faith.

2. To an agnostic, a question as to whether one should believe or not.

3. To an athe­ist, a symbol of one’s disbelief in god and religion.

4. A hint that though one does not believe in god, one might someday.

5. If one pictures oneself being crucified, one is making a huge sac­rifice for someone else. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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Material aspects: Dreaming about plumbing looks at the way we direct our emotions. It indicates how we make use of our emotions to bypass obstacles in order to create security for ourselves and to control the flow of emotions within. Another interpretation is that of the internal plumbing. Often, to dream of plumbing in this sense alerts us to something that is perhaps out of kilter with ourselves, with our bodies.

A leaking steam pipe might suggest, for instance, a problem with hypertension.

A pump might symbolize the heart. Obviously, such images should not be used as diagnostic tools in any way.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

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