Symbolic of the need for compassion on outcasts and the terminally ill, Mark 1:40-42

A deteriorating devastation, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, and one that was acquired

To dream you have ANY dread incurable illness is a fear that something is permenantly wrong with you. This could be as broad ranging as feeling your carreer choice was bad, to as simple as a fear you will never get over the cold you have.

To dream of others with aids is indicative of feelings of helplessness or sympathy depending on the context of the dream.

Dreams of AIDS are about sexual shame, blame, or guilt. Perhaps you are venting out feelings of helplessness, defenselessness and an inability to stand up for yourself. See Disease.

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My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of AIDS/HIV (whether you or somebody else had it in your dream), this is a strong warning that someone is trying to ruin your reputation. Beware of confiding in people you are not 100 percent sure you can trust.... My Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you hair is in braids, represents your neat and orderly way of thinking. It suggests determination and a strong mindset.... My Dream Interpretation

The Fabric of Dream

Erotic dreams, all of them, announce the moderns. Dreams denoting grief and disappointment, declares Raphael, who invariably places an unfortunate construction upon all dreams of an erotic nature.... The Fabric of Dream

Mystic Dream Book

Unfortunately, this is a dream of contrary.

If you are one of these parties, it foretells some great disappointment.... Mystic Dream Book

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Female element in one’s unconscious.

2. “Goddess” icon.

3. Taking an adventure into the unknown. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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