Dreaming of walking up an aisle is suggesting a reminiscent and nostalgic personality, given to fanciful thoughts.

The upside of this is peace and serenity, whereas the downside could be the lack of motivation. Notice who or what is on either side of the aisle for clues on how to invoke a happy medium in your life.

A division; a parting.

To dream of the aisle of a church often indicates a coming disagreement between two factions of a family. Gypsy families will always ensure that they are all together on one side of a church aisle, rather than some on one side and some on the other.

The inside of a church, when forming part of a dream, is considered unfortunate.

If you dream of an aisle, then this represents order and a desire for symmetry and precision in your life as you move through into a new life experience.

An aisle can also symbolize division, a divide between opposing aspects of yourself. Walking down an aisle this represents focus, clarity and commitment. See Wedding and Ceremony.

Separation.Viewing an Aisle tells of an upcoming discrepancy between two people or groups you are involved in. Standing to one side of an aisle shows you are one side of an issue. Note: Gypsies always stick to the same side of an aisle when attending a function where an aisle is present. 

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. Various pathways in one’s life.

2. Commit­ment, dedication.

3. If walking among a crowd, one feels admired. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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