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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a chalice, denotes pleasure will be gained by you to the sorrow of others.

To break one foretells your failure to obtain power over some friend. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


The Fabric of Dream

A dream of high ideals and strivings never to be attained in the flesh (Old Dream Book) ; the emblem of the priestly order and of the Grail.... The Fabric of Dream


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Important here is how you categorize this object: Mug, Goblet, Glass, or even Grail. Different terms refer to different moods and points of view and lead to different interpretations.

If seen as a chalice, it always indicates something extraordinary (it is not just a simple mug or a glass used every day!). It may either represent suffering or death (the “hemlock cup” of antiquity, for example) or the search for a higher goal (legend of the Grail and the magnificent interpretation by Emma Jung in her book The Legend of the Grail As Seen in Depth Psychology).

A chalice holds the liquid that is the equivalent of our emotions and needs.

The image of the chalice implies that these emotions and needs are spiritual in nature. Figuratively speaking, it is a matter of nurturing the soul and cultivating the emotions. That was precisely the task of the search for the Grail in the Middle Ages. In Christianity, the chalice is connected with the heart and blood of Christ.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- In dreams the chalice represents the feminine. Because of its religious significance, the chalice usually represents something that may seem to be unattainable except without a great deal of effort. It can also represent an important event or ceremony (see Cup).

2- The chalice is associated with the symbolism of the heart, containing the lifcblood. In the chalice this is represented by wine wine and blood having the same meaning.

3- The source of inexhaustible sustenance, abundance, the Holy Grail.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ariadne's Book of Dream

The chalice may represent the Holy Grail, the vessel that unites the recipient with Chnst. As the pnze of a spintual quest, the chalice represents enlightenment. Holding wine, the blood of Chnst, it is associated with communion.

A chalice may also signify the container of the feminine principle or the goddess’s wealth bestowed to you.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation

To dream of a chalice implies the individual must come to terms with a need to toil diligently to attain something of worth.... Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a chalice symbolize immortality and a thirst for spiritual nourishment.

If you are drinking from this sacred goblet, you are in the midst of a rite of passage, transforming, and moving from glory to greater glory along your life path. Your dream is suggesting that you make room for more abundance and opulence to come into your life. Also, a silver chalice represents justice and that the truth will always prevail. See Cup and Holy Grail.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Dream Meanings of Versatile

The chalice is symbolic of the source of inexhaustible sustenance, abundance and the holy grail. Because of this religious significance, the chalice usually represents something that may seem to be unattainable except without a great deal of effort.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


The Language of Dreams

(see Abyss, Basket, Beverages by type, Bowl, Circle, Cauldron)

Alternative womb and fertility symbol, especially if filled with liquid (see Milk, Juice, Water, Wine).

Arthurian and Druidical lore identify this emblem as the grail, the cup that signifies humankind’s connection with nature and each other.

Christian: The sacredness of life and the quality of forgiveness (the cup of Christ’s blood). In this case, do you drink freely of what’s offered you, or pour it away?

Unity. In Gypsy, pagan, and Hebrew marriage and courtship rites, people drinking from one cup link their destinies and become as one.

Refusing: Wishing to avert a personal trial that is really unavoidable (note the story of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane). Alternatively, rejecting an opportunity for friendship or camaraderie because of suspicious motivations.

In Eastern philosophy, a cup is shaped by what it contains. What metaphorical beverages do you incorporate into yourself by drinking of this cup?... The Language of Dreams


Little Giant Encyclopedia

As in the symbol of the Grail, emotional capacity and the soul itself. What is inside the dish is important. See Cup, Container.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Mystic Dream Book

A dream of contrary.

To Hate anyone in your dream is a sign of success with friends or in your domestic affairs.... Mystic Dream Book


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of entertaining malice for any person, denotes that you will stand low in the opinion of friends because of a disagreeable temper. Seek to control your passion.

If you dream of persons maliciously using you, an enemy in friendly garb is working you harm. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


The Fabric of Dream

To dream that some one bears you malice denotes a sudden advancement to an important place in the world (Gypsy). ... The Fabric of Dream


The Complete Dream Book

It augurs well for your success in business if you dream that someone shows malice toward you.... The Complete Dream Book


Encyclopedia of Dreams

If you dream that someone holds malicious intent towards you this is a warning to search for a false friend, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you dream that you hold malice in your heart for another person this shows that you have a need to control your temper before you lose friends or loved ones.

If you dream of a malicious person and the malice is not directed to you then you will receive unexpected financial help.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Mystic Dream Book

This is a good dream, and the greater the Malice you encounter in your dream, the better it will be for you.... Mystic Dream Book

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