Spiritual flaws being corrected, according to the type and location of the flaw; research accordingly

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Couturier; Garment alteration; Hemming; Tailoring) Seeing a tailor doing alterations to a garment in a dream signifies dispelling one’s worries, overcoming one’s difficulties, eradicating dishonesty, dispelling conceit or perhaps he could denote music, elation, sexual intercourse or someone who exhausts himselfand strives in every way to help others.

A tailor doing alterations to a garment in a dream also could represent a preacher or a teacher at whose hands many people will repent of their sins and walk on God’s path.

A tailor doing alterations and handling trims and the ends of things represents a charitable person who makes someone happy by taking somethingfrom him and giving it to others. (Also see Tailor)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Alterations)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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