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Ambiguity | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Beacon; Distinguished; Excellence; Flag)Abanner in a dream represents public knowledge, fame, presidency, laurel of victory, a man of knowledge, an Imam, or an ascetic who is vigilant and courageous, or a rich and a generous man, or a strong and a victorious hero whose example is loved and followed.

If the banner is red, then one will reap happiness from the person it represents, or he may engage in a war against him. As for a woman, a banner in a dream represents her husband. Ifone sees banners flying during a parade, they mean rain.

If the banners are black in the dream, they mean that one will meet a man of knowledge. Ifthe banners are white, then they represent ajealous person who will never be married.

If they are yellow, they represent an epidemic disease.

If they are green, they mean a journey by land.

A banner or a flag in a dream also means that one will be wrapped in ambiguity in relation to a particular matter and he will not find a way out. Ifone sees a flag and a brigade in a dream, it means that he will be able to find his way through the difficulties and overcome his sadness and adversities. His heart will have peace and his path will open before him. Ifthe flag represents a country in the dream, it means that one may visit such a country.

If a woman sees herself burying three banners in a dream, it means that she will marry three men who belong to the noble class of the society. Such three people will die one after the other. As for a pregnant woman, a flag in a dream means a son and for an unwed woman, it means a husband.

A large banner in a dream means rain and winds.

The carrier of the flag is usually interpreted to represent a judge.

If one sees himself carrying a banner in his dream, it means that he is seeking the seat of a judge. (Also see... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- To dream of chains in any form indicates a type of restriction or dependency. Just as we need strength to break out of chains, it is also needed in supporting chains. In becoming aware of what is holding us back, we also become appreciative of how to break free.

2- In dreams, we can become conscious of beliefs or mental attitudes both in ourselves and others which can create problems.

The links in a chain can very often symbolise the communication that we need to free ourselves.

3- Bondage and slavery, dignity and unity arc all symbolised by chains and highlight their ambiguity.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Fog in a dream means going on a journey or returning from one. Fog in a dream also means confusion or obscurity about a material or a spiritual matter.

If one sees himselfwalking through fog in a dream, it means that he is intending something despised by God Almighty and he should desist from it. Fog in a dream also means ambiguity, dubiousness, tangle or doubt. Fog in a dream also means trials or a fight between people. (Also see Clouds)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

(see Animals)

Getting into things that you’re not supposed to. Raccoons are notorious and rather adept thieves.

A curious demeanor, eager for exploration. These are common traits of the raccoon.

The raccoon’s mask represents privacy*, ambiguity, or secrecy of some type. What’s being hidden and from whom?... The Language of Dreams

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Power of judgment.

The dreamer’s weight in terms of personal influence and significance. Assessment, judgment, balance, and order. Where is the center of your life? What is important? Vocal complaint about life’s ambiguity and what is unknown and unclear.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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