Used to remove spiritual impurities

Vision: Smelling ammonia: you will get involved in a highly unpleasant situation.

Depth Psychology: See Acid.

Mixing a solution of ammonia in water in a dream means hoarding tainted money and spending it in evil and unlawful ways.

To see or smell ammonia in your dream foretells you will experience some distress over the behavior of a friend, which will result in a strain or separation of the friendship.

Danger through illness or accidents ; take no risks for a time.

1. Need to “clean up” one’s life in some area.

2. Caution to wake up and be aware of something.

Ammonia seen in a dream, means displeasure will be felt by the dreamer at the conduct of a friend. Quarrels and disruptions of friendships will follow this dream.

For a young woman to see clear bottles of ammonia, foretells she will be deceived in the character and intentions of some person whom she considers friendly.

You will be deceived by one of the people whom you considered friendly if you dream of smelling ammonia or using it for cleaning.

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