1. Get ready for some sort of conflict.

2. Someone is gathering emotional and/or factual ammunition against one.

Dreams of ammunition symbolize that you are on the defensive in your life. Perhaps you’ve been firing verbal attacks or feeling the need to protect yourself from caustic energy that is being fired at you. Keep in mind that which goes around comes around, and the only thing that can be threatened or destroyed is the ego.

To dream of ammunition, foretells the undertaking of some work, which promises fruitful completion.

To dream your ammunition is exhausted, denotes fruitless struggles and endeavors.

This dream portends the beginning of an important undertaking and its successful termination.

(see Weapons)

Gathering ammunition indicates the expectation of battle, or an upcoming undertaking that requires a show of strength (see Fighting).

Exhausted ammunition speaks of fruitless struggles against overwhelming odds.

Taking aim at a specific problem or situation with carefully chosen “tools” that might prove harmful if they aren’t used properly.

Ammunition | The Dream Meanings

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

Sitting in a balcony during the summertime in a dream means comfort, dispelling aggravations, recovering from an illness, or exposing one’s secrets.

A balcony in a dream also could mean honor, or if seen with the city walls, then it represents the governor of the town, or it could mean the battlement.

The parapet on top of the walls represents his armies, his entourage or his ammunition and the stored provisions of the city.

If the walls are interpreted to be wealth, then the balconies and the battlement represent its guards and servants. Balconies in a dream also represent the front rows of one’s enemy. (Also see Walls ofthe city)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- To dream of bullets is to be aware of aggression and a desire to hurt.

If the bullet is being fired at the dreamer, it may be considered to be a warning of danger. If, however, the dreamer is firing the bullet, there is an awareness of one’s vulnerability.

2- There is a need to understand what ammunition the dreamer has available in the sense of resources to be used.

3- A bullet can represent the need for, and control of, sexual impregnation.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: There is a need to understand what ‘ammunition’ we have available – that is, in the sense of resources to be used.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Generally speaking, arms, firearms, ammunition and all other weapons-primitive or modern-symbolise power, strength, honour, superiority, vicotyr and grandeur for the persons who sees them in his dream.. He will acquire these according to his intellect and popularity. Any modifications and improvements in them denote added honour, power and strength.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: If we consider that to live is to use energy effectively, any image in dreams that highlights this, constitutes a reminder. Live ammunition, for instance, suggests that care and control of danger is necessary.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, bon marrows represent hidden treasures, a library, ammunition or an inheritance. Bone marrows in a dream also mean hoarding money.

If a sick person sees his bone marrow in a dream, it means that he will find a cure and recover from his illness. (Also see Body’; Bones; Brain)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

(see Ammunition, Armor, Axe, Knife, Fighting, Sword, Whip)

Taking up a weapon reveals hostility or fear that you may be repressing during waking hours. Turn to look upon the object of your actions. Sometimes just facing your true feelings is enough to begin the healing process.

Guns are violent, but impersonal. These reveal a source of anger or anxiety that you would prefer to keep at arm’s length. How healthy this distance is for you, however, is questionable, or your dreams would not reveal it.

A catapult indicates the ability to circumnavigate an obstacle by ingenious thought and assertive action.

Cannons can fire over a large distance, meaning the perceived threat is not nearby. Additionally, they may symbolize things that you value very little (e.g., something

best used as “cannon fodder”). As an omen, cannons portend a struggle that engages powerful torces.

Maces represent blunt realities that are so cold and firm as to nearly knock you off your feet with their realization.

Nuclear devices represent tremendous buildup of frustration to the point that it leaks into your life as a futile attitude that poisons everything.... The Language of Dreams

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