To dream of the color aqua represents your unconscious. Pay attention to your instincts.

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

Purity, healing, spirituality, noble thoughts.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Mystic Dream Book

To dream of this jewel assures you of the affection of a very youthful relative or friend.... Mystic Dream Book

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Embodies the qualities of hope, youth and health.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A place or situation which does not allow personal privacy, i.E.

The office of a public servant; see “water”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

Peace, harmony and beauty in one’s life. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Fish)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of being trapped or feeling examined... Christian Dream Symbols

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Water in all forms is a very meaningful symbol. It may represent emotions, the unconscious, sexuality, and, at times, life itself. Before interpreting this symbol first consider the other details in the dream and the overall quality of the dream experience.

The aquarium could represent a portion of your life or a “slice of life.” Aquariums are generally balanced and fully contained ecosystems. People enjoy aquariums because they find them soothing and relaxing. Thus, this dream’s message may be a call for contemplation and relaxation. It may represent life in a small setting as a compensation to the stress and, at times, overwhelming complexity of daily experiences. See also: Water, Ocean, and River... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Artificial living space. Unnatural, deep (repressed) desires for a more natural lifestyle.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

The Language of Dreams

(see Fish, Water)

The clear glass of the aquarium allows you to see through into your subconscious or matters of spirit. So, what’s going on in the fish tank, and what creatures live there? A healthy carp, for example, symbolizes an optimistic outlook, whereas dark, murky waters indicate a soul in need of a good housecleaning.... The Language of Dreams

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Gazing into an aquarium in a dream may represent contained emotions. It may represent the microcosm, as it contains an entire ecosystem of life, and may invoke contemplation and relaxation.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Encyclopedia of Dreams

To see fish in an aquarium, is indicative of small pleasures that last of short duration either in your life or to come.

The condition and size of the fish tank or aquarium, is also an indicator as to the quality and/or quantity of the pleasure.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of an aquarium represent your desire to contain the ocean of your emotions and control the passion of your sexual expression. See Fish and Water.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Dream Meanings of Versatile

See fish... Dream Meanings of Versatile

My Dream Interpretation

To see an aquarium in your dream symbolizes that you are aware of your emotions, but you have not yet confronted them. It may refer to your unconscious thoughts or desires.

An aquarium dream may also indicate that you need to take some time for yourself to relax and unwind.... My Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

One feels one is at the beginning of a new age (“age of aquarius”). ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(astr. See Moon)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Constellations)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ariadne's Book of Dream

The sign of the humanitarian, the appearance of Aquarius may signal that it is time to become concerned with your community and to offer serious solutions to global and social problems.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Strangest Dream Explanations

To dream of the Aquarian astrological sign symbolizes that you are connecting with your spiritual, mysterious and imaginative nature. Your dream may be giving you the message to find a healthy and productive outlet for your creativity.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Dream Meanings of Versatile

The symbol is the water-bearer and it governs the circulation and ankles.

The colour associated with the sign is electric blue; its specific gemstones are garnet and zircon.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

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