Archway, Dream Interpretation

An archway inside a house may represent the entrance into an open and creative space of the imagination.

An humbling, honorable entrance; see “humble”

Sexual desires or yearnings

Victory and distinction. Archways were often built in ancient Rome to welcome back conquering heroes.

Crumbled: The destruction of hopes with little warning.

An alternative type of bridge dream, in which movement from one side of the archway to the other marks a transition (see Directions).

A guidepost to follow. Just as we use important buildings for landmarks when giving directions, our ancestors used archways as meeting and business places, often at crossroads (see Cross). In this case, what’s below the archway or what’s happening there will give you more insight.

Archway | Dream Interpretation

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. Rite of passage.

2. Doorway to something significant. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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