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From a mythological point of view, the image of the maze is closely tied to the Greek hero Theseus and to Ariadne, who loves him. As legend has it, in order to slay the virgin-devouring monster in the center of the maze of Crete, Ariadne gives to Theseus a magical red thread that will help him find his way out of the maze after he has slain the monster.

The maze symbolizes the womb of the Earth Mother and the cosmic order, which each of us has to create within ourself. And that is your task! The path is like a maze; after many twists and turns you finally reach your goal, where you can fulfill your obligations and responsibilities, find your shadow, and come to terms with it. Every time you dream about a maze you are challenged to come to terms with the monster within yourself.

On the other hand, the image of the maze points to a mother complex: if you cannot let go of the feminine, you are lost in it, which means the masculine in you loses its identity. And if this masculine identity is devoured by the feminine, the feminine cannot find its own identity because it doesn’t have access to it, and you cannot find your way out of the maze.

The symbol of the maze probably goes back to observations made about how the sun or the moon is traveling across the sky. In the center of the maze resides death, where the sun and the moon are at their lowest point. After we have met death, we leave the maze in the same way as Theseus. Our modern world, the metropolitan big city, the asphalt jungle, where people are easily getting lost and feeling trapped, is often compared with the maze. What is addressed here is the idea that our lives have become so complex that it is difficult for us to find our way. See Food (stored), Thread, Dragon.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ariadne's Book of Dream

As an archetype of feminine wisdom, Oprah appears each day to guide the TV viewing public on a journey through the labyrinth to expose the truth about often- painful issues. As Ariadne, the goddess of the labyrinth, she slays the minotaur of ignorance. Oprah’s guest appearance in a dream may signify some compassionate wisdom coming your way that may challenge you to look more deeply into painful issues.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

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Fleeting ideas, spontaneous thoughts, or making meaningful connections.

The red thread of Ariadne (in the Labyrinth) symbolizes life’s journey and life itself.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Thread.

A relationship that should be kept intact. Red yarn is the red thread that Ariadne gives Theseus to help him to find his way out of the Maze.

Folklore: A joyful event.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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