The power of the Ram, the fire sign, is that of a warrior or initiator. Appearing in a dream, Aries may be suggesting that you need to take initiative to get things done. It may denote playfulness.

The symbol is the ram and it governs the head.

The colour associated with the sign is red; its specific gemstones are amethyst and diamond.

Depth Psychology: The symbol of Aries, the “horned” animal, the ram, represents masculinity and strength, but also enormous will power, courage, a certain toughness, patience—and, if the Aric*> ib a man, sexual vigor. Y’ou either have most of these qualities already or need to practice them. See Mars, Planets.

(astr. See Moon)

The image of the creative energy of the dreamer. See Lamb, Sleep.

ASTROLOGY: The meaning is “I am.”

A mirror of oneself (people under this zodiac sign are ruth­less and need to win).

Dreaming of the astrological sign Aires symbolizes rank, spontaneous, dynamic, naiveté, and idealism. See Spring, Fire and Ram.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, mercenaries represent soldiers ofpunishment. (Also see Soldiers)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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