Seeing or experiencing an assassination attempt means startling events are in you future, but “luck can be found even in misfortune”—things could be worse. You are assassinating someone: you are spending time and energy on a hopeless situation—you will not succeed. You see blood: you will experience personal and professional losses. Dreaming about being assassinated: you are in great danger—the utmost concentration is called for.

(Bang; Thunder) Hearing the sound of thunder without seeing lightening in a dream means an assassination or a murder. (Also see Thunder)

Hopeless situation; it is essential that something be done. Fear of political instability, Ruler. Greater attention needs to be paid to everyday occurrences.

It you dream that you are a witness to an assassination, you need to pay more attention to details and the little things in life.

To dream that you have been assassinated, it represents a difficult situation in your real life which needs your immediate action.

If you were the assassin, this means your reputation is going to suffer in some way.

Desire to eliminate something that is painful in one’s life.

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of an assassin symbolize extreme, calculated -defense, and perhaps an attempt at killing off an undesirable aspect of yourself. See Kill and Integration Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations
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