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Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream that you are in Asia implies that you should change your attitude or beliefs about a certain issue.

If you are traveling to Asia or thinking about visiting Asia, it is possible that you are just looking forward to your upcoming journey.

To see an Asian person in your dream indicates that you possess hidden attributes or traits that have yet to be discovered.

If this Asian person is old, then this is indicative of intellect, insight, and astuteness.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Hank of yarn; Spool; Thread) For pensioners, seeing a ball of thread in a dream signifies increase in one’s benefits or receiving extra income.

A ball of thread in a dream also represents an astute worker, an employee, an intelligent and a hard working young man, or it could mean longevity. (Also see Spool; Thread)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

A mirror of oneself (people under this sign are ambi­ tious, progressive, politically astute and have an offbeat sense of humor). ... New American Dream Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream about the devil suggests poor aspects of yourself. It could also represent a guilty conscience that you have been carrying around with you. You should release these emotions. Also, the devil can symbolize mental acuity, deceit, and astuteness.

To dream that you have defeated the devil indicates that you will overcome your adversaries.

To dream that you talk to the devil suggests that you will endure urges that are difficult to overcome.

To dream that you are friendly with the devil indicates that you could be enticed to perform an act or something that you would rather not do. You could be working through moral troubles.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Friend; Good luck; Money; Prosperity) A hunchbacked in a dream means prosperity, longevity, or having a large family. Seeing oneself in a dream as a hunchback means acquiring wealth and a large property through an influential person in one’s family or a son. One who sees that in a dream will also be gifted with vigilance and astuteness. (Also see Back; Body); Hump)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

To dream of being a private investigator is symbolic of being noble minded and astute, Acts 17:10-11... Christian Dream Symbols

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Acumen; Astute; Discrimination; Physiognomy; Prophesying) If one finds himselfcapable of perceiving matters with astute sense, or to discriminate things with a clear mental keenness, or to even explain the future, or to prophesy, or to know what is hidden in a dream, it means that he will acquire all what is good, and that God Almighty will protect him so that no harm, or evil will ever touch him. Perspicacity in a dream also represents goodness and salvation.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Crossing the threshold in dreams indicates new experiences.

To be lifted across a threshold may- suggest marriage, or in this day and age, a new relationship.

2- When we are about to take on new responsibilities, we can dream of standing on the threshold. We may be moving into a new life, or perhaps a new way of living.

The threshold experience is a strong one in Masonic imagery and Initiation rites. Even in Parliament, permission must be asked to cross the threshold.

3- We may be standing on the threshold of a new spiritual dawn.

The dreamer should be particularly- astute at this time and be aware of all that is around him.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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