Attorney, Dream Interpretation

Someone skilled in debate, Lk.10:25

A literal attorney may be revealed, if needed, or someone of like abilities

To dream about an attorney means that you are in need of instruction and direction.

Business worries are in front of you. Be careful of your plans and avoid all speculation in stocks and shares.

One senses a difficult problem is going to occur.

The dreamer who sees an Attorney is aware that advice would be helpful. Encroahing difficulties are denoted.

See Lawyer.

To see an attorney at the bar, denotes that disputes of a serious nature will arise between parties interested in worldly things. Enemies are stealing upon you with false claims.

If you see an attorney defending you, your friends will assist you in coming trouble, but they will cause you more worry than enemies.

(See Lawyer).

Attorney | Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

A need for fair and proper self-treatment and self- analysis.

The search for what is “proper.” You are making demands.

A symbol of fair treatment for the self.

Call for help, or business problems. Points to career difficulties. Question of fairness, or the opposite of it, is being addressed. Points to powerlessness, or unused persuasive skills.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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(See Proxy)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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