Foreknowledge to avert the circumstances or accept them with grace; see “last”

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Mystic Dream Book

(Hanging and about to fall) Some danger awaits you, but may be avoided if the object does not fall. ... Mystic Dream Book

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Foreseen mishaps, whether literal or figurative, can usually be avoided or lessened if precautions are taken... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

An analyst, psychologist, psychiatrist in our dream depicts our self assessment. Our mind can transform itself in a number of ways. Sometimes one new piece of information, or a new mental discipline, can change the quality of all mental life.

The analyst represents such power to transform, as well as the often avoided self awareness. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Encyclopedia of Dreams

To watch in avalanche in a dream is to see obstacles coming and have no way to avoid those obstacles.

An avalanche is usually a warning, and can be avoided in real life if one is careful and changes a plan or a detail or two. Since an avalanche is very dramatic, it is likely that the dreamer will know exactly what the symbol represents, and other symbols within the dream will likely point to the best course of action. In a prophetic dream if you are buried under an avalanche oddly enough is considered a good sign and you will likely receive a spectacular stroke of good luck! If you dream of others being buried under this avalanche then a change of surrounding is likely to occur.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

A sharp, shiny axe means you’ll soon be rewarded for a job well done.

A dull axe signifies loss of prestige that could have been avoided. Swinging an axe means a promotion.

A broken axe means loss of money.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Depth Psychology: Seeing a barometer with the temperature climbing rapidly: you are under great pressure.

The barometer is destroyed: a change in your life can’t be avoided. Examine who or what is putting you under so much pressure in real life and resolve the situation.... Dreamers Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

For a young person to dream of taking a bath, means much solicitude for one of the opposite sex, fearing to lose his good opinion through the influence of others.

For a pregnant woman to dream this, denotes miscarriage or accident.

For a man, adultery. Dealings of all kinds should be carried on with discretion after this dream.

To go in bathing with others, evil companions should be avoided. Defamation of character is likely to follow.

If the water is muddy, evil, indeed death, and enemies are near you.

For a widow to dream of her bath, she has forgotten her former ties, and is hurrying on to earthly loves. Girls should shun male companions. Men will engage in intrigues of salacious character.

A warm bath is generally significant of evil.

A cold, clear bath is the fore-runner of joyful tidings and a long period of excellent health. Bathing in a clear sea, denotes expansion of business and satisfying research after knowledge. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

The unconscious, unknown; hidden or avoided, the unaccepted side of self, not being aware, depression; fear, death. Also the eanhy, or source of life and growth. What is hidden in the unconscious or body can be powerfully trans­formative. Black clothes or undergarments: hidden or uncon­scious feelings or sexuality. Black animals: unconscious drives and urges. See dark. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Blankets in your dream means treachery if soiled.

If new and white, success where failure is feared, and a fatal sickness will be avoided through unseen agencies. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

To hear a recognized voice in a dream, if it is from a dead person, is to be regarded as a portent of a difficulty with a friend, lover, or relative, which may be avoided or cleared up by using your best judgment.

The significance of the dream, of course, depends on the words one hears-—whether warning or reassuring in their tone.

The voice of a living person heard in a dream foretells exciting news, which may be either pleasant or distressing according to what is said and the manner of speaking.... The Complete Dream Book

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a coach means a surprising increase in income. Driving a coach: you will reach your goal without difficulties. Getting in or out of a coach: a loss in the near future can be avoided only if you proceed with caution.

If you are the coachman: your are making a fool of someone.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A warning of irrational behavior to be avoided... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Mystic Dream Book

An unfortunate dream, usually a premonition of trouble. Be cautious and it may be avoided.... Mystic Dream Book

The Complete Dream Book

Contagious or loathsome diseases in a dream presage unhappincss that can be avoided by the use of good judgment.... The Complete Dream Book

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of ditching/skipping school may indicate that you have skipped something important or avoided your responsibilities - have you done the right thing in a situation?... My Dream Interpretation

Psycho Dream Interpretation

If the dreamer is dying, it is an indication that there is a sense of guilt or a problem that cannot be avoided any other way.

If the dreamer sees someone else dying it is the dreamer’s desire to remove all authority from that person, or to literally drive him or her far away.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Caught in a difficult problem that can’t be avoided.

2. Being blown away into greater problems. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing a helmet, denotes threatened misery and loss will be avoided by wise action.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that your husband is leaving you, and you do not understand why, there will be bitterness between you, but an unexpected reconciliation will ensue.

If he mistreats and upbraids you for unfaithfulness, you will hold his regard and confidence, but other worries will ensue and you are warned to be more discreet in receiving attention from men.

If you see him dead, disappointment and sorrow will envelop you.

To see him pale and careworn, sickness will tax you heavily, as some of the family will linger in bed for a time.

To see him gay and handsome, your home will be filled with happiness and bright prospects will be yours.

If he is sick, you will be mistreated by him and he will be unfaithful.

To dream that he is in love with another woman, he will soon tire of his present surroundings and seek pleasure elsewhere.

To be in love with another woman’s husband in your dreams, denotes that you are not happily married, or that you are not happy unmarried, but the chances for happiness are doubtful.

For an unmarried woman to dream that she has a husband, denotes that she is wanting in the graces which men most admire.

To see your husband depart from you, and as he recedes from you he grows larger, inharmonious surroundings will prevent immediate congeniality.

If disagreeable conclusions are avoided, harmony will be reinstated.

For a woman to dream she sees her husband in a compromising position with an unsuspected party, denotes she will have trouble through the indiscretion of friends.

If she dreams that he is killed while with another woman, and a scandal ensues, she will be in danger of separating from her husband or losing property. Unfavorable conditions follow this dream, though the evil is often exaggerated. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Feelings of confinement, punishment, sometimes over guilt for a past misdeed.

2. Reverse: happiness, likely domestic.

3. A feeling someone close may not be truthful.

4. Temptations should be avoided (as in “jailbait”). ... New American Dream Dictionary

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Warning of danger of unconscious elements that may wreck areas of your life unless avoided. Use the light to become aware of what the danger is. See light. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- A nettle in a dream suggests that there is a difficult situation which will have to be avoided. There may be irritation, particularly if we are not interacting with others or with the environment we are in.

A patch of nettles could also suggest difficulty in communication if we arc in the middle of it. Others round us may be using words or circumstances to hurt us. Nettles in a dream can also signify a worthless transaction: lI got stung’.

2- Nettles are wild plants with the quality of irritating the skin. This svmbolism can come across in / dreams as having allowed ourselves to be over-stimulated by a display of wild behaviour. This may be sexually, but could be in other ways as well, such as through dance. There is a point at which there is loss of control. Nettles can also suggest a kind of healing, both through the vitamins and minerals they contain when eaten, and also because they can be used to stimulate the system through external application. Folk medicine often suggested applying poultices of nettles to stimulate the blood supply.

3- In spiritual terms, nettle is supposed to be a specific against danger. It is also used in purification rituals. Fresh nettles are reputed to aid a sick person’s recovery.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

There is a problem to be avoided. ... New American Dream Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

1. A return to infantile pleasures, getting attention.

2. “Things” are coming apart—often emotional, sometimes in life experi­ences (a rattling sound of a vehicle or machine).

3. The end or “demise” of a project or situation (as in “death rattle”).

4. Feel­ings of having had a close call, avoided danger—often emo­tional, frequently a bad situation (to see or hear a rattlesnake). ... New American Dream Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: The raven is smart and cunning, but usually a harbinger of bad luck.

Vision: Seeing a raven: hostility and misfortune are on the way. Sometimes the dream refers to possible theft. Chasing a raven away: you might escape danger—if you keep your eyes and ears open! Watching ravens taking flight: misfortune will be avoided just in time.

Depth Psychology: The raven is the messenger of death; or a symbol of repressed, dark appetites. Is your mood often “very dark”? Are you expecting failure? Are you afraid of death and dving—or the unknown? Are you seeing everything right now “as black as pitch”? See the chapter “Colors in Dreams.”... Dreamers Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Helplessness, dependence on others for survival.

2. A close call, an avoided disaster.

3. Reverse: plans for recovery need to be reviewed for faults.

4. A need to remove oneself from a situation or relationship in waking life. ... New American Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

Dreams about being at school often mean you are feeling inescure about your social status, your abilities or your performance in a situation.

A dream that takes place in school may also be a metaphor for the lessons you are learning in your life.

To dream of ditching/skipping school may indicate that you have skipped something important or avoided your responsibilities - have you done the right thing in a situation? If you dream about the first day of school, you could simply be nervous about returning to school in real life. Or, this dream may also be a warning to pay closer attention to your responsibilities.

A dream about the last day of school can be a straight-forward reflection of reality, meaning you are looking forward to school being over! This dream may also represent how much you have learned from your experiences, and your readiness to go forward with a new phase of your life.

If you dream of visiting an old school, your unconscious mind is telling you that you have come a long way. Try to consider the lessons you learned in the past, and apply them to your current challenges. Your mind could also be trying to teach you what worked or didn’t in the past, so you can change your behavior and be happier in the present. Also see “Boarding School”, “Expelled”, “Principal”, “School Bus”, “School Trip”, “Suspended” and “Teacher”... My Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: If the sea is calm and the sky is clear: peaceful days are ahead.

If the seas are stormy and the waves high: you feel threatened and are afraid of “stormy” times. You are swim- ming: friendly, if invisible, energies are carrying you right now. Falling into the water: a tragic event. Drowning: a harmful situation has been avoided, because you are discovering the substance of your being. Emerging from the sea: a new beginning, one that is in harmony with your very essence.

A man dreaming of standing on a beach means he wants to be free and independent.

Depth Psychology: The sea is a symbol of the collective unconscious; you can trust it to carry you. It may also be a symbol of your feminine, motherly side—all life originated in the sea. Unconscious thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and hopes are at home here and are now beginning to surface and become conscious. This is the sea on which the boat of your life is sailing. See Archetypes, River, Ship, Water.... Dreamers Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of ditching/skipping school may indicate that you have skipped something important or avoided your responsibilities - have you done the right thing in a situation?... My Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

Scandalous doings are foretold by a dream of slippers, and, therefore, this dream should be regarded as a warning against intrigue. Even mild flirtations should be avoided after such a dream.... The Complete Dream Book

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Taking steps towards something; going up or down in life in your own estimation. Running up: escaping from urges arising from lower down in the body; so, a movement of attention towards the abstract or mental, away from fears aris­ing from unconscious or sexuality. Example: T go up the first flight of stairs, then the next, and there is my ex husband s Nan who is dead and whom I have never met. I don’t see her face but I know it’s her. She is a blinding white light and I run down the stairs’ (Mrs H).

The example shows how going upstairs can be an opening or widening of awareness to in­clude areas of expenence usually avoided. In fact Mrs H takes her awareness down to more everyday levels to escape meet­ing the light.

Example: ‘1 climb a few flights of stairs. As I go up, the stairs stan wobbling and breaking up. At the top the last flight breaks away from the landing and I am left to cross a gaping hole with a few bits of debris to cling to. It is very frightening, but I see other people passing me on the caved in stairs and on to the landing as if nothing has happened’ (Maureen). Lack of confidence, a fear of failing or not being capable is also a common feeling in connection with stairs. Maureen sees life as full of pitfalls. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Mystic Dream Book

Quarrels which can be avoided if you are tactful.... Mystic Dream Book

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Imaam Muhammad bin Sireen (RA) was approached by a person who said that he saw a very shameful and disturbing dream and that he was ashamed to reveal it because of its nature.

The Imaam asked him to write down the dream on a sheet of paper. He wrote that he had been away from home for three months. During his absence he dreamed that he has returned home, finding this wife asleep on her bed while two sheep with horns were engaged in battle near her bed.

The one injured the other. Because of this dream he has avoided approaching his wife and yet, by Allah, he loved her a great deal.

When the Imaam read this letter, he said to him not to leave his wife as she was a chaste and honourable woman. He explained the dream thus: “When she heard that you were returning home shortly, in fact you were almost home, she urgently sought for something with which to remove her public hair. Finding nothing she chose to use a scissors rather. In her haste, she inured herself causing a deep wound on that part of her body.

To confirm this, go straight to her and see for yourself.”

The man went straight to his wife expressing his desire to fulfils his need. She said: “No! Not until you explain to me why you had avoided me for seven months!” He gave his explanation regarding his dream and the interpretation given by the learned Imaam. Upon this she exclaimed: “The Imaam has spoken the truth” Then she took his hand and passed it over the cotton wool covering the wound. When he ws satisfied he went back to the Imaam to report his findings.

The Imaam praised and glorified Allah for having guided him to the correct interpretation of the dream.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Mystic Dream Book

(To draw water) success and profit. (To fall in) danger that can scarcely be avoided.... Mystic Dream Book
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