Symbolic of being a student or carrying too many things around with you

Heavy burdens that are revealed, because they need to be laid down

Vision: Carrying a backpack means that problems will weigh heavily upon you and interfere with your everyday activities. See Luggage.

Depth Psychology: How much responsibility did you take on? What experiences from the past are you still carrying around? Have they becomc a crushing burden? A dream about a backpack is very important and—together with the rest of the images—ought to be explored in depth.

See Knapsack.

See Luggage.

The burden that you are carrying around with you, or relaxation and moving about in nature.

A backpack in a dream represents unfinished business. Part of it is your own, and part is stress you have on behalf of others.

If the bag on your back becomes large and overly heavy, you’re carrying an unreasonable burden in real life.

1. Level of self-sufficiency, independence.

2. Burden or responsibility.

3. Unfinished business or memories rising to the surface, emotional “baggage.”

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: An empty bag indicates a low bank balance—and it will continue to be low for some time. Carrying a heavy bag: you have much work to do.

A full bag: you will receive some money. Losing a bag: something is not working out, but the chance for success was low from the beginning. Rummaging in a bag and finding unexpected things: your unconscious is making you aware of character traits that you didn’t know you had. See Backpack.

Depth Psychology: The bag contains character traits that can hinder or support you and, therefore, take a close look at what is hiding in the bag (your unconscious).

If the content shocks you, don’t “throw away the bag”—those traits would only come back later to haunt vou.... Dreamers Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Suitcase, Pocketbook, Backpack, Package, and Box. All symbolize a burden (everybody carries his own baggage) or, less often, energy and making plans. Energy reserves. Possibly a reference is being made to dowry and inheritance, which could be a burden as well as an opportunity. What talents are at your disposal? What tasks are connected to them? According to Freud, a symbol of sexuality.... Little Giant Encyclopedia