Bacteria, Dream Interpretation

Symbolic of the cause or root of trouble

Spiritual impurities

Bacteria | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Skin disease of domestic animals; Abacterial disease) In a dream, mangy represents pestilence or a plague.

If one sees himself struck by such a disease causing him to itch though no puss or malignant festering runs from his sores in the dream, it means that his troubles and adversities are caused by his own progeny or relatives.

If one’s body is afflicted with mangy in a dream, it means that his troubles will come from his friends or from his working environment.

If it strikes at his right hand or his cheek in a dream, then his adversities will come from his clan. Ifit strikes at his left hand, then his troubles will come from his business partner or brother.lfhis illness forms puss in the dream, it means hard earned money that will also cause headache. Such a disease means money for a poor person and it could mean leadership for a rich person. Following this trail of thinking, mangy or any skin disease in a dream signify less harm compared to other diseases.

If an employees experiences such skin disorder in a dream, it means that he does not qualify to work in that company.

If it is one’s son in the dream, it means that he will disobey his father concerning an undesired friendship.lfit is one’s wife in the dream, it means that she is engaged in something awful that will bring shame to the entire family.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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