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On a higher level of faith and wisdom

Standing on a balcony looking out at lovely surroundings implies happiness, particularly in love. Looking out at storms or other ominous symbols indicates obstacles ahead.

Standing on the ground looking up at a balcony indicates aspirations. How they turn out depends on other symbols in the dream.

If the balcony is unstable or collapses, something you’re depending on will not manifest.

When we dream of being raised above the ground in some way, we are beginning to recognize our spiritual competence or progression. There is perhaps an element of danger or arrogance in such a position.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Psychologically we are searching for power within a situation in which we feel powerless.

Material aspects: To dream of being on a balcony suggests that we are searching for a higher status than we have at present.

To dream of being underneath a balcony indicates that we are aware of other people’s need for status. At the same time we may be hiding from our own responsibilities.

Gives gender - specific: In a man’s dream, being on a balcony suggests an awareness of his need for status. In a woman’s dream this suggests a degree of protection. In both it can represent the need for far-sightedness.

(Or ledge, sill etc.) We all have need for support within our lives and a balcony indicates both support and protectiveness. Being raised from the ground it can also represent the mother in her protective guise.

To dream of a balcony symbolizes a need to be acknowledged. It might also be a sign that your social status is improving.

Symbol: In a man’s dream, a balcony is often a symbol of female breasts.

Vision: Standing on a balcony: your social status will improve. Recognizing another person on a balcony: a happy reunion with a dear friend. Waving to somebody from a balcony (somebody of the opposite sex): good luck in your love-life (a relationship already existing or a new one).

A balcony crashing to the ground, maybe with you on it: you will have to bury many of your hopes and dreams.

Depth Psychology: A balcony often announces new friends—in a man’s dream, it is usually expresses erotic desires and/or needs!

Sitting in a balcony during the summertime in a dream means comfort, dispelling aggravations, recovering from an illness, or exposing one’s secrets.

A balcony in a dream also could mean honor, or if seen with the city walls, then it represents the governor of the town, or it could mean the battlement.

The parapet on top of the walls represents his armies, his entourage or his ammunition and the stored provisions of the city.

If the walls are interpreted to be wealth, then the balconies and the battlement represent its guards and servants. Balconies in a dream also represent the front rows of one’s enemy. (Also see Walls ofthe city)

Command, focus, and planning.

A symbol for female breasts.

Folklore: Points to hurdles / obstacles.

To see or dream that you are on a balcony, refers to your desire to be seen and noticed. It may also mean that you are on your way up the social ladder.

If the balcony collapsed or seemed dangerous, you may hear sad news about, or from, distant friends.

This dream should be classed among the obstacle omens, though the difficulty to be faced will not be a serious one.

If you leave the balcony, all will be well. It is slightly more serious if you are seated than if you are standing, as your quick recovery is delayed.

Dreams of a balcony symbolize the need for a higher perspective, and a message to step out of your internal myopic perspective and look at things objectively. You are getting a fresh perspective, a second wind, and an expanded view on your life circumstance.

If a house represents you, then the deck is the aspect of you that is objective because it resides outside the confines of your normal point of view.

also see Buildings

1- To dream of being on a balcony indicates that we are searching for a higher status than we have at present.

To dream of being underneath a balcony indicates that we arc aware of other people’s need for status.

2- Psychologically we are searching for power within a situation in which we feci powerless.

3- When we dream of being elevated in some way, we are just recognising our spiritual competence or progression.

For lovers to dream of making sad adieus on a balcony, long and perhaps final separation may follow. Balcony also denotes unpleasant news of absent friends.

A lover who dreams of a sad leave taking on a balcony may look forward to a period of stress, which may include sickness, the activities of a rival, or jealousy in one form or another.

In dream oracles, a negative sign for lovers, probably stemming from the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet.

Depending on your feelings during this dream, standing alone on a balcony can be an alternative type of desertion dream.

Because of the height and perspective offered, potentially a type of ascension, moan- tain, or stair dream in which you have already reached the precipice.

Due to its location, this may be an emblem of the mind or head, so check the balcony’s condition for more meaning.

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