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Look to your associates; one is not a true friend.

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Depth Psychology: Dreaming about “playing” with excrement: you have regressed—psychologically—to an anal phase (sexual immaturity). Also, you have gained new insight from past experiences. Passing stool: you will get relief from an actual situation. Feeling dirtied by excrement: a fear of not being accepted (or feeling disgust about yourself). Handling your own excrement: you want to get rid of emotional ballast or unpleasant situations. Seeing or stepping in excrement is a good omen: personal matters are resolved in your favor and to your satisfaction. See Intestines, Colon. Toilet.... Dreamers Dictionary

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Symbol: Like a town or temple, a house stands for the center of the world and a reflection of your universe.

Vision: The condition of the house represents your present situation.

The roof of the house refers to the state of your health, the exterior to your external appearance.

The upper floor stands for your forehead (and brain); the middle floor the area of the chest, the first floor the intestines, and the ground floor and base- ment the legs and feet.

If you dream of old houses frequendy, you are afraid of old age. Building a house together with other people: you have good friends at your side. Looking at an empty house: you have missed a few opportunities. Tearing down a house: you are strong enough to deal with the ol>stacles that come your way. Living in a run-down house: pay more attention to your health. Watching a house collapse: you won’t reach your goals—be prepared for losses. In a man’s dream, the house (it does not matter if it is a luxurious villa or a farmhouse) represents ambitions, professional advancement, security, and safety. In a woman’s dreams, the balcony is the chest.

Depth Psychology: The house in a dream is the symbol for the Body and what happens with the body.

A house in ill repair, destroyed, or even on fire, points to your poor health and should be taken seriously.

The foundation is a symbol for the mental/intellectual “foundation’ on which you have built your life.

The basement is the symbol of the unconscious, where repressed urges and cravings hide.

The kitchen is the place where “life is lived” every day and where diversion can be found.

The bedroom represents attitudes toward sex and emotional connections to other people.

The living room stands for recreation, rest, and relaxation.

The bathroom is the place for moral cleansing and the “washing away” of disappointments.

The toilet stands for “letting go” of emotional ballast, tensions, and the past.

The roof (and attic) stands for your mental/spiritual part, and symbolizes protection from the outside world. See Door, Furniture, Stairs, Window.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a toilet: honestly analyze your feelings. Sitting on a toilet: you are getting rid of an emotional or an external burden. Seeing human excrement or producing it: expect a win or additional income. Seeing an empty toilet, on the other hand, means disaster.

Depth Psychology: The toilet is a symbol of relief from emotional ballast, of getting the internal household in order, of unloading unwanted pressure. See Excrement.... Dreamers Dictionary

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