Barbecue, Dream Interpretation

Turning meat on a barbecue may represent creating a meaty or meaningful experience for friends. It may also indicate a transformational experience or may mean that you arc now “cooking.” metaphorically speaking. In other words, you are on the right track.

Roasting food can be symbolic of feeling satisfied for a period in life, Isa. 44:16

Bittersweet; an ill-tempered situation because of the “hot” sauce; see “food”

1. A need or desire to make something more basic, primal even.

2. Social aspects of self, possible difficulties.

3. Feelings of being drained, emotionally imposed upon (to see a whole ani­mal roasted).

Barbecue | Dream Interpretation

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The Language of Dreams

(see Clothes)

A feminine emblem that pertains to domesticity.

A man wearing a chefs or barbecue apron signals acceptance of certain traits considered feminine, resulting in a more complete person.

Taking off: Breaking the proverbial “apron strings.” This may pertain to your parents, or to any situation that has restricted you to obsolete images and thought patterns.

Turning an apron: Taking your life in hand and making a change for the better.... The Language of Dreams

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