Barracks, Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of empty barracks implies a weakness of resolve and as much as you may feel you have the support of an army in your family and friends, you may find them unwilling to deal with this particular fight. Dreaming that you are standing in a barracks with many other soldiers may be a message of strong support in a confrontation you find yourself in.

Vision: Looking at barracks: the differences you have with your boss are creating a difficult situation and worries are becoming a burden. Living in barracks: your freedom is limited due to external circumstances or because of other people. Trying to find the barracks: you are doubting your lover’s or husband’s honesty and question whether your relationship will survive. You are leaving the barracks: you are finally moving toward a better future. See Soldier.

Depth Psychology: Barracks reflect your fear that you will be deprived of your freedom to make a personal decision.

To dream about army barracks suggests your feelings of superiority. You feel that no one is any match for you.

Your difficulties will soon be lessened.

Barracks | Dream Interpretation

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barracks, dream interpretation

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