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A dream about smelling or tasting basil is symbolic of compassion, gentleness and affection.

(see Herbs)

Love, especially if seen sitting on a windowsill. This was a way that Italian women welcomed their suitors.

An alternative dragon emblem, full of fire and power, having taken its name from the legendary “basilisk.”

Indian: The observation of sacred offerings and rites. This herb is used regularlv on altars to Krishna and Vishnu.

Basil | Dream Interpretation

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The Complete Dream Book

When you dream of woman that she is delivered of a basilisk instead of a child, it is a bad hieroglyphic, and betokens no good to the dreamer; and he ought heartily to recommend himself to the Divine Being, that he would preserve him, and avert those misfortunes that threaten him. And if it be a woman that has such a dream, many authors—Anselmus Julianus in particular, who is an author to whom great regard ought to be had—affirm that she shall have very good success and comfort, shall be rich and generally beloved, and shall prosper in all her undertakings.... The Complete Dream Book

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