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As a container made of natural fiber, a basket may refer to sharing your natural qualities with others. When holding fruit, a basket represents receiving or giving the bounty of nature or the fruits of your labor.

Symbolic of carrying a burden, Ps. 81:6.

A basket can be symbolic of blessing and prosperity if you are carrying good fruit

A carrier of intergraded purposes

Baskets traditionally represent the seasons.

A full one, for instance, is full fruition and abundance, a time of harvesting. As a container, a basket can also represent the feminine closing or receptive principle.

Psychological / emotional perspective: To be attempting to fill a basket can mean that we are trying to increase our talents and abilities. Somehow we feel we do not have ‘enough’.

Material aspects: If the basket is full of bread it can represent sharing – as in a sacramental meal.

If the contents are spilt, it signifies the possible failure of a venture or sometimes the premature ending of a project.

Gives gender - specific: Because of its connection with the feminine, in a man’s dream a basket can suggest domesticity or his caring nature. In a woman’s dream, if she finds the basket heavy, she may be finding her responsibilities a burden.

Symbol: The basket is an ancient symbol for the womb. Vision: Holding an empty basket: be prepared for a disappointment in matters of love. Handing a basket to someone else: you are denying someone’s request or deciding against something. Looking at a flower basket: good times, great happiness, and a gift. Looking at a laundry basket: dishonest people are taking advantage of you.

Depth Psychology: A basket reflects an unconscious fear that you are going to be denied something or meet with rejection.

The basket also represents “the harvest of life,” the work you have accomplished.

If you are carrying a full basket, you will be offered a better paying job.

If the basket is empty, you will lose your present job.

In a dream, a basket represents a woman who guards people’s secrets.

Container. Warmth and marriage.

The contents of the basket are important. Symbolically, the basket is connected to the element Earth, the same way the chalice is to water. In that sense, the basket always is connected to being grounded. Ask yourself if you are doing all right in your everyday existence. Do you have reason to be dissatisfied, or are you looking for security and more acceptance? According to psychoanalysis, the basket represents the female sexual organ in a man s dream.

To dream of seeing or carrying a basket means you will meet with unqualified success, if it is full.

If you see a brand-new basket in your dream, you are eager for more interesting experiences in your life.

If you carry an empty basket, you will meet with discontent or sadness.

An obstacle dream, since it is so easy to upset the contents. Be careful of your business ventures or you will lose money.

1. Good business, wealth (full basket).

2. Poverty (empty bas­ket).

3. Skill and versatility.

4. Feelings of emotional instability, turmoil (as in “basket case” or “to hell in a handbasket”).

To dream of a basketful of goodies, groceries, and the like augurs good fortune and position.

An empty basket, sadness.

Dreams of an empty basket symbolize either receptivity or feelings of emptiness.

If the basket is filled, then whatever the basket is filled with represents the type of abundance you are experiencing in your life. Also, if you dream of weaving a basket, then this symbolizes your ability to weave together seeming random and misplaced aspects of yourself together into a unified, wholesome container. Consider the feeling tone. See Goddess Athena, Integration Dreams.

1- To dream of a basket, particularly a full one, is to dream of full fruition and abundance. It can also represent the feminine closing principle.

2- To be attempting to fill a basket can mean that we are trying to increase our talents and abilities.

3- If the basket is full of bread it can represent sharing - as in a sacramental meal.

To dream of seeing or carrying a basket, signifies that you will meet unqualified success, if the basket is full; but empty baskets indicate discontent and sorrow.

(see Bowl, Cauldron, Chalice, Circle)

The shape of a basket makes it a natural symbol of the womb, the feminine aspect, and pregnajicy.

If the basket is full, a sign of productivity and providence. Conversely, an empty-basket speaks of something in your life that is wanting for fulfillment.

WTiat specifically does the basket contain? If it’s filled with eggs, this can either portend productivity, or act as a warning not to “keep all your eggs in one basket.”

Harvest, fertility-, or unexpected surprises. Several important legends center around children found in floating baskets filled with rushes, including the story of Moses, and Romulus and Remus.

A full basket predicts new opportunities are coming towards you.

An empty basket, or one that is damaged, implies that you will lose money due to some aspect or behavior of yourself.

Basket | Dream Interpretation

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A Wealthy person who can cause benefit or harm.

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1. Goals and achievement acquired through teamwork and focus.

2. Ability to work with others. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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Symbolic of the game of life.

If the defenders are taller than you it symbolizes a spiritual struggle.

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Basketball is a team sport made up of unusually tall men or women.

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