Beautician, Dream Interpretation

Sitting in a beauty salon may indicate your concerns about how you look. It may also point out that you need to pay some special attention to your appearance in order to feel good, or it could represent a desire for a different look or attitude. Hair often represents power. Therefore, a beautician may represent someone who is playing with your personal power.

One who helps to spiritually groom others; see “hair”

(See Perfume salesman)

Beautician | Dream Interpretation

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See “beautician” and “hair”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, a perfume salesman represents a gnostic, an ascetic, a devout worshiper, or a man of letters. Anyone who sits with him will carry some fragrance of his perfumes, or learn about an etiquette, adopt good manners, learn something about his arts, enjoy a happy surrounding, or earn praises, except if the perfume salesman is burning incense, for the smoke that emanates from burning incense in a dream denotes guarded praises.

A perfume salesman in a dream also represents a beautician. Seeing him in a dream also means knowledge, guidance, earning praises or receiving a commendation. (Also see Amber; Musk; Perfume)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Beautician; Broker; Woman) A shoemaker in a dream represents someone who brings peace and unity between adversaries, a lawyer, a peacemaker, a scholar or a shaikh who specializes in jurisprudence relating to inheritance laws.Ashoemaker in a dream has manymeanings. Some shoemakers specialize in repairing women’s shoes. In that case, in a dream, he represents a pimp or a brothel owner. As for those specializing in men’s shoes, seeing him in a dream means travel, or employing people to work in one’s business. (Also see Tailor)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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