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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements.

For an officer, it brings obedient subjects and healthful environments.

To a preacher, many new members and a praying congregation.

To business men, increase in trade.

To parents, much pleasure from dutiful children.

If one stings, loss or injury will bear upon you from a friendly source. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Industry and profit.

2. Obsession, sometimes distracting from important issues.

3. Bad luck, vulnerability (to be stung). Possible or potentially dangerous situation (a swarm). Happiness and a satisfying love life. ... New American Dream Dictionary


Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, bees represent prosperity, or a dangerous adventure. Seeing a beehive and extracting honey from it in a dream means earning lawful money. Taking all the honey from the beehive and leaving nothing for the bees in a dream means being unjust.

If bees sit over one’s head in a dream, it means winning the presidency over people.

If bees sit in someone’s hands in a dream, they mean a good crop for a farmer, while for someone else, they means a fight. Bees in a dream also represent an army. Killing bees in a dream means obliterating one’s enemy. Bees in a dream also represent scholars, knowledge compilers, striving hard or collecting taxes. Bees in a dream also represent a bread winner who is a hard working person, stern and sometime dangerous, though he does bring some benefits to his companions.

A bee sting in a dream means harm driven by a group ofadversaries. Bees in a dream also mean taking a beating or falling sick. Bees in a dream also represent the army of believers, while locusts represent the army of disbelievers.

A bee in a dream also represents a seer. (Also see Beehive)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Consider the details of this dream, as well as your emotional reactions in it, as bees can have a variety of different connotations.

The positive symbolism is that of a person that is hard-working, has good organization skills, and is cooperative and creative.

The negative symbolism could be that of a follower, a busybody and of someone that stings.

If you are working on a project in which many people need to work together to accomplish a goal, this may be a topic for some of your dreams.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Complete Dream Book

To dream of bees is good and bed: good, if they sting not; but bod, if they sting the party dreaming, for then they signify enemies. And therefore to dream that bees fly about your ears, show» your being beset with many enemies; but il you beat them off without being stung by them, it is a sign of victory and of your overcoming them.

To dream of seeing bees, signifies profit to country people, and trouble to the rich; yet to dream that they make their honey in any part of a house or tenement, signifies to the occupier dignity, eloquence, and good success in business. But to dream you are stung by a bee signifies vexation and trouble.

To take bees signifies profit and gain.

To dream of bees is good to ploughmen, and to such as thereby get profit To others they signify trouble by reason of the noise they make; and wounds by reason of their sting, and sickness by reason of their honey and wax.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book

Bees are ft lucky dream if one is not stung by them. They are an augury of pleasant occupations, and of new and profitable responsibilities.... The Complete Dream Book


Dream Symbols and Analysis

A dream about bees signifies good fortune, peace and contentment. Bees also represent industriousness (as in the saying ‘busy as a bee’).

To dream of being stung by a bee indicates a sudden setback, and that you will encounter major problems and be scolded.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Encyclopedia of Dreams

Seeing bees in your dream is much the same as the beehive with a small variation: Bees are a lucky dream and augers much good to the dreamer in all his endeavors, unless, the bees sting the dreamer in which case bad luck may dog your steps for a while.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Mystic Dream Book

This is a good omen unless they sting you in your dream. They concern business matters, however, not love or friendship.... Mystic Dream Book


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of bees represent industriousness, -sacrifice, fertility, and pregnancy.

If you dream of a Queen Bee, then this represents power and matriarchy, and that perhaps you are afraid someone’s temper will sting you.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Psycho Dream Interpretation

Bees buzzing around signify an increase in business, profits in small amounts. See insects.... Psycho Dream Interpretation


Encyclopedia of Dreams

A bumble bee is not a very good omen in a dream as most people associate the bumble bee with pain more then they do any other bee. This is a dream of warning and should be correlated with the other aspects of your dream to get the knowledge meant for you to have. Watch out for enemies in friends clothing, and don’t get ‘stung’.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream about a bumblebee means consternation and trouble is on the way.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Figurative of the powers of the world in competition; see “horse”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of participating or watching a rodeo is generally positive.

If you ride a bull, the longer you stay on its back, the better able you are to thrive amidst social chaos.

If you are injured in the dream rodeo, pay attention to which body parts you hurt - and look up the symbolism of that body part in this Dictionary to get a full idea of your dream’s overall meaning.... My Dream Interpretation


Mystic Dream Book

Enemies among those whom you trust.... Mystic Dream Book

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