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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To hear your name called in a dream by strange voices, denotes that your business will fall into a precarious state, and that strangers may lend you assistance, or you may fail to meet your obligations.

To hear the voice of a friend or relative, denotes the desperate illness of some one of them, and may be death; in the latter case you may be called upon to stand as guardian over some one, in governing whom you should use much discretion. Lovers hearing the voice of their affianced should heed the warning.

If they have been negligent in attention they should make amends. Otherwise they may suffer separation from misunderstanding.

To hear the voice of the dead may be a warning of your own serious illness or some business worry from bad judgment may ensue.

The voice is an echo thrown back from the future on the subjective mind, taking the sound of your ancestor’s voice from coming in contact with that part of your ancestor which remains with you.

A certain portion of mind matter remains the same in lines of family descent. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

‘Stupid sprout.’ (Also see Garden herbs; Lentil)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Encyclopedia of Dreams

To dream that you hear the voice of someone you know could foreshadow a long illness or even death for that person.

To hear the voice of your loved one calling you may mean a separation due to misunderstandings.

If the voice you hear is the voice of someone already dead then this denotes that you are about to commit a bad error in judgment about your business.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

To hear your name being called by a stranger; Hard work will pay off and you’ll be able to meet obligations.

To hear your name being called by someone you know; Your help will be needed to resolve a problem. Hearing the voice of your lover should bring warning. Someone might be negligent in giving attention. Misunderstandings should be addressed.

To hear your name being called by your partner; Communication is failing, clear up a misunderstanding.

To hear your name being called by the dead; Reconsider decisions.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Revealed to prevent one from contributing to the self-absorbed... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream that someone being selfish, you need to stop putting yourself first and consider other people’s needs and emotions.

If you dreamed that you were being selfish, you are a good and dependable friend.... My Dream Interpretation

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