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Gypsies believe that bells generally signify misfortune.

A single, tolling bell is a sign of approaching death, or of serious illness.

A peal of bells, however, is a sign of coming celebration.

A persistent doorbell is an alarm . . . you should be on your guard.

To dream that you hear the ringing of Bells is a sign of coming news, but it may not be favourable.

Tolling bells in a dream foreshadow the death of a friend or relative. Other bells ringing, a perplexing problem must be solved.

To hear bells tolling in your dreams, death of distant friends will occur, and intelligence of wrong will worry you. Liberty bells, indicate a joyous victory over an opponent.

To dream that one hears ringing of bells, if of a sanguine complexion, brings him good news; but to others it shows alarms, muxnuirings, disturbances, and commotions among citizens.

To dream one plays tunes on small bells signifies discord and disunion between subjects and servants.

To dream you pull a rope of the bell, and see a spirit keep it from ringing, shows trouble and molestation; and if it be a parson that is the dreamer, it shows he shall meet with some disturbance in his preaching.

A good dream under all conditions (Gypsy). They were believed by the ancients to disperse storms, to drive away pestilence, devils and to extinguish fire. In Christian symbolism they represent the exorcism of evil spirits.

(see Church, Music) Happy occasions; ringing out the old and welcoming the new.

Protection and warnings. Bells were used among the ancient Hebrews and medieval Europeans to frighten off mischievous spirits, fairies, and malicious magic.

A call to introspection: In Tibet, bowls that resound like bells are used for meditation and prayer. During the Christian era, bells announced the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and a time of worship.

Traditionally, if a bell tolls the time, listen to the hour. Midnight is the most ominous, portending an ending or death (see Clocks, Numbers).

A gong: Used in many Eastern lands to presage an announcement, gathering, or other matters of import.

If you’re expecting news, it is soon to come. Also, the number of times the gong sounds may be significant (see Numbers).

Bells | Dream Interpretation

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