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Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

Area figurative of self-control; see “abdomen”

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The belly is the seat of the solar plexus, a spiritual centre or chakra which carries vitality. It can, therefore, also be a focus for appetite and earthly desires. At times it suggests an initiatory process when it takes on the symbolism of the womb.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: If our own belly is distended in our dream, we may be at a point where, psychologically at least, release is necessary either through anger or frank speech.

To be aware of someone else’s belly draws our attention to their emotions.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: You may need to learn to trust your own instincts and intuition. Equally you may be coming to terms with repressed emotion and pain.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Gives gender - specific: Often before she knows she is pregnant, a woman may become conscious of her belly in dreams. Body dysmorphia, such as dreaming of becoming fat, is quite common at this time.

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To see your belly in your dream suggests that you are finally coming to terms with inner emotions or turmoil.

The belly represents sentiments that aren’t being communicated. This dream may also mean that you should have faith in your instincts.

To see a pregnant belly indicates that you have buried feelings deep inside and they are about to be exposed. It is too difficult to keep them hidden any longer.

To dream that you are stroking or touching a belly implies that you recognize and accept feelings that you harbor inside. These feelings have been buried for a long period of time, but you realize that you must confront them.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

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The belly represents the kitchen of the body, the place of transformation (Alchemist), but also the place of desire and physical urges. It can also stand for wealth that belongs to the dreamer.

Often points to a connection between the will and the emotions, conscious and unconscious needs.

A flat belly often points to unfulfilled sexuality; a fat belly of too much sex (or substitution for sex) and excess.

The medieval Swiss philosopher Paracelsus said everybody has an alchemist in his belly.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

To dream about your belly, or to dream of having a big belly, indicates that your are processing and integrating your ideas and feelings from the unconscious to the conscious level. Your dream may also be telling you to trust your gut feelings and intuitions.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

1. Repository or holding place for unexpressed emotions.

2. Intuition.

3. Possible illness (if the belly is sore).

4. Good omen, health and joy (seeing one’s own belly).

5. Pregnancy.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

See Stomach.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

also see Stomach in Body

1- I’o be aware of someone else’s belly in a dream draws our attention to their emotions.

2- If our own belly is distended in our dream, we may be psychologically at a point where some release is necessary either through anger or frank speech.

3- Because it is the seat of the solar plexus the belly is a spiritual centre which carries vitality. It can therefore also be a focus for appetite.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

It is bad to dream of seeing a swollen mortifying belly, it indicates desperate sickness.

To see anything moving on the belly, prognosticates humiliation and hard labor.

To see a healthy belly, denotes insane desires. See Abdomen.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

If you dream of looking at your own belly, it portends a pleasant attitude toward your condition of life.

If you gaze at another’s belly, either a man’s or a woman’s, it is an omen of an achievement that will not be creditable but will bring you money.

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Dream Meanings of Versatile

When the dream appears to concentrate on the abdomen, there is a need to focus on emotions and repressed feelings.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

interpreted upon 4 sides: knowledge, treasury / coffers, living & children.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


Dream Symbols and Analysis

*Please See Navel.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a belly button represent connection with your mother or the Mother Goddess, maternal nurturing and support.

The belly button is also associated with the second Chakra, which symbolizes life force and sexuality. See Chakra-2nd.... Strangest Dream Explanations


My Dream Interpretation

The belly button represents emotional fulfilment.

If you dream that you don’t have one, your emotional needs are not being met. Also see “Piercing.”... My Dream Interpretation


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of belly dancing or of a belly dancer represent sensuality, sexuality, and a desire for the expression of your goddess femininity in your life. See Goddess.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Being potbellied: life may be easier to take when you have an extra layer of fat for protection, but in this case it means you are too egotistical. Don’t overdo it! See Bacon, Ham, Pig.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: The stomach usually symbolizes sensuality and sexual passion.

Vision: Seeing yourself with a round, fat belly means change for the better in your economic situation . It is also a sign that your sexual desires are very strong. Dreaming about a flat or receding stomach: pay more attention to nutrition and your eating habits (you are not getting proper nourishment). Also, stop taking too many risks and chances right now.

Depth Psychology: In depth psychology, a belly or stomach is considered the “kitchen of the soul,” which means that belly-dreams always have something to do with the “digestion” of past emotional experiences—it is time to start “digesting” them. In other cases, it is a purely sexual symbol and refers to erotic passions.... Dreamers Dictionary

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