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The Complete Dream Book

To dream you see an angel or angels is very good, and to dream that you yourself are one is much better. But to speak with or call upon them is of evil signification» Yet if in secret they seem to declare something unknown, and which you do not understand or know, it denotes your becoming acquainted with persons of the first quality. And to dream that you see an angel fly over you or your house, signifies joy, consolation, benediction, and good news, and shows increase of honor and authority.... The Complete Dream Book

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Benediction; Grace; Light) In a dream, blessings represent one’s life, hearing, sight, good health, wealth, good qualities, contentment, gratitude, faith, guidance, submission to God Almighty, obedience to one’s parents, having obedient children, having a husband or a wife, children, lineage, friends, love, compassion, happiness, comfort, endowments, attainments, success, provisions, knowledge, wisdom, balance, intelligence, clarity, truthfulness, work, strength, peace in the land, safety, protection, ajust ruler, rain or they could mean a good crop, etcetera. (Also see Enemy; Introduction page xxui.)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Dew or gentle rain falling in a dream can represent a sense of newness and refreshment we have perhaps not been able to obtain, except from an external source.

2- We may need to accept that gentle emotion can cleanse us of whatever is troubling us.

3- Spiritual refreshment, benediction and blessing are all symbols connected to dew.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Spiritual refreshment, benediction and blessing are all symbols connected to dew.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

The Complete Dream Book

To dream you are reading romances and comedies, or other diverting books, signifies joy and comfort.

To dream you read serious books or books of divine science, signifies benediction and wisdom.... The Complete Dream Book

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