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Symbolic of the results of sin, Prov. 5:3

Bitterness | Dream Interpretation

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Mystic Dream Book

One beneath you has a bitterness of mind and tongue against you.... Mystic Dream Book

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dreams of seeing apricots growing, denote that the future, though seemingly rosy hued, holds masked bitterness and sorrow for you.

To eat them signifies the near approach of calamitous influences.

If others eat them, your surroundings will be unpleasant and disagreeable to your fancies.

A friend says: ``Apricots denote that you have been wasting time over trifles or small things of no value.’’ ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

An out of control condition, i.E.

The cancer of bitterness, fearfulness, despair, temptation; if physical, see “diagnosis”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Stand for the earth’s abundance, yet tinged with bitterness and responsibility.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

The Way of Dreams and Visions

General Meaning: This is the same as the word Veil used in Scriptures.

A curtain speaks of things that are hidden. Going behind the veil speaks of entering into an intimate relationship with the Lord.

• Positive: Often the Lord hides things from us until we are ready to see them. Often in the spirit as I prayed I saw a curtain in front of a door where the Lord said that He would soon reveal something He has been preparing for me.

• This is something to look forward to and a blessing of promise.

• The curtains in the Old Testament concealed the glory of the Lord. Going behind a curtain speaks of entering into intimacy with the Lord.


Hiding your heart behind a curtain speaks of putting on masks to hide your real self. Often when people have faced difficult things in life, they hide their heart and feelings from others to protect themselves. Unfortunately these are curtains that prevent them from entering into the presence of God.

• They are then stuck on the other side of the curtain and struggle to sense the Lord’s presence.

The only solution is to allow the Lord to bring healing to the past and to deal with any bitterness that remains.

• Often when I have prayed for others I have seen bitterness in their lives as curtains around their hearts. Before they can be healed or enter into a intimate relationship with the Lord, these curtains/veils need to be lifted..... The Way of Dreams and Visions

The Way of Dreams and Visions

General Meaning: Diamonds speak of favor and to receive one speaks of receiving an undeserved gift. It is also a picture of wealth and royalty.

• Dreams • Because diamonds hold a particular meaning for most cultures, you need to identify what they mean to you in your dreams. Often diamonds speak of marriage. Other times they speak of having renown and favor.

• Visions • The diamond is very hard and when used in the passage below means literally “set in stone” • Jeremiah 17:1 The sin of Judah [is] written with a pen of iron, [and] with the point of a Diamonds: [it is] graven upon the table of their heart, and upon the horns of your altars • Receiving a diamond or precious stone speaks of receiving a gift and favor from the Lord. It also speaks of the work we do for the Lord: • 1 Corinthians 3:12 Now if any man builds upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; • This passage speaks of the things we build on the foundation that we have received, which is Jesus Christ. When we do things with faith, hope and love and in obedience to the Lord then we are building with gold, silver and precious stones.

• However if you walk in bitterness, strife or vainglory or other things of the flesh, then you are building wood, hay and stubble, which the Scriptures say will be burned up.

• This is a test of the heart. It does not only speak of the work you do for the Lord, but the motivation and the heart you do it with.

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Jewelry.... The Way of Dreams and Visions

Christian Dream Symbols

If you are fighting your relatives in a dream it is symbolic of shame and disgrace, Prov. 19:26.

If you fight other people it symbolizes bitterness and anger towards them ... Christian Dream Symbols

New American Dream Dictionary

1. An important turning point in life or ways of thinking (as in a “fork in the road”).

2. A release from concerns.

3. An exten­sion of self, the ability to “grasp” things and process them.

4. Negative feelings, anger and bitterness (a pitchfork). ... New American Dream Dictionary

The Way of Dreams and Visions

General Meaning: A fountain is a picture of the things that come out of your spirit. You release what is inside of your spirit through words or actions. Depending on what comes out is a picture of what is really in your heart.

• Positive: A fountain that is clean and pure means that you are full of the life of Christ. You are a blessing to God’s people and the Lord can use you to minister.

• Proverbs 18:4 The words of a man’s mouth [are like] deep waters, a fountain of wisdom that gushes forth like a brook.

• If you have a dream or vision of drinking from a clean fountain, it is a picture that wherever you are receiving your ministry from at the moment is where God wants you to be. You are receiving life and good teaching.


On the other side though, if the water is dirty, then the Lord is warning you that the teaching and impartation you are receiving is contaminated.

• If the fountain is dirty or bitter, it is a picture that there is something wrong in your life. Your spirit is contaminated with bitterness, and bad teaching and spiritual impartations.

• If you tend to travel around just receiving from anyone, it is quite possible that you have received a curse along the way.

• If you still hold bitterness in your heart towards anyone, this is contaminating your spirit! Not only is it holding you back from entering into an intimate relationship with the Lord, but it will contaminate others you try to minister to.

• Dreaming or seeing a vision of a dirty foundation is a warning to you. You need to deal with the things that are contaminating your spirit.

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Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- To dream of being galled in a dream means to connect with feelings of bitterness that we may have about something that is happening in our life. Bringing that feeling to the surface and allowing it to come through in dreams gives us the opportunity to express it and to work it through.

2- l”o dream of a gall bladder, or of a gall bladder operation, often represents the need to give up some activity that is not doing us any good at all. We arc assimilating the wrong information, which is causing us problems and we need to get rid of bitterness, difficulty or even .guilt.

3- To find aspccts of a dream galling is symbolic of a form of evil. We may want to turn away in disgust, but eventually we must face up to the effects and deal with it appropriately.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Mental bitterness caused by constant irritation... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

The Language of Dreams

(see Evil, Fire. Monsters)

An alternative type of cage or judgment dream.

Reexamining or finally recognizing faults and failures, to the point of feeling guilty.

Negativity or bitterness growing within that can destroy your sense of harmony or wholeness. You need to get these fires under control.

A situation or relationship that you regard as hellish to endure.... The Language of Dreams

The Way of Dreams and Visions

General Meaning: Honey speaks of the sweetness of the Lord, richness, abundance, prosperity and luxury.

• The Lord spoke many promises of giving honey. It was considered a food of luxury and wealth.

If you were wealthy in those days, you ate honey! It was a delicacy and something to be sought after.

• Positive: I have often seen honey in the spirit. I remember one time the Lord saying to me, “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” • Then as I did it, I saw Him fill it with this rich, thick honey that poured into my throat.

• As I drank it in, He told me that I was to consume His word this way; that He was going to fill me with his anointing and with his goodness.

• The Lord’s nature and presence is often likened to honey. It is a picture of His sweetness and beauty. Honey has some wonderful meanings if you take a look in the Word.

• Honey is also a picture of knowledge and wisdom (Prov 24:14) • Speaking of Blessing and Prosperity • Numbers 13:27 And they told him, and said, We came to the land where you sent us, and surely it flows with milk and honey; and this [is] the fruit of it.

• Speaking of the Lord’s Nature • Song of Solomon 4:11 Your lips, O [my] bride, drop [as] the honeycomb: honey and milk [are] under your tongue; and the fragrance of your garments [is] like the smell of Lebanon.


In the book of revelation a prophet was made to eat a scroll that tasted of honey but was bitter in the stomach. (Rev 10:10) • The Lord told me once that this represented the world; that those who sought after the world and did not know Him chased after everything they thought was fun and exciting.

• They sought things that tasted sweet in the mouth (satisfied the flesh). While they were tasting of the world and going to all the clubs, bars and places of sin, they tasted honey in their mouths.

• Every time they sinned, it tasted good to them for that moment. But when they went home, then that same honey was bitter in their hearts.

• The sin and the offer of the world tasted like honey for but a moment, but left behind a bitterness, emptiness and void deep within.

• This is why they kept looking for that taste of honey. They tasted the false, but we have the real honey to give them that never runs dry or makes you bitter. It is Jesus Christ, whose touch is rich and sweet!

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that your husband is leaving you, and you do not understand why, there will be bitterness between you, but an unexpected reconciliation will ensue.

If he mistreats and upbraids you for unfaithfulness, you will hold his regard and confidence, but other worries will ensue and you are warned to be more discreet in receiving attention from men.

If you see him dead, disappointment and sorrow will envelop you.

To see him pale and careworn, sickness will tax you heavily, as some of the family will linger in bed for a time.

To see him gay and handsome, your home will be filled with happiness and bright prospects will be yours.

If he is sick, you will be mistreated by him and he will be unfaithful.

To dream that he is in love with another woman, he will soon tire of his present surroundings and seek pleasure elsewhere.

To be in love with another woman’s husband in your dreams, denotes that you are not happily married, or that you are not happy unmarried, but the chances for happiness are doubtful.

For an unmarried woman to dream that she has a husband, denotes that she is wanting in the graces which men most admire.

To see your husband depart from you, and as he recedes from you he grows larger, inharmonious surroundings will prevent immediate congeniality.

If disagreeable conclusions are avoided, harmony will be reinstated.

For a woman to dream she sees her husband in a compromising position with an unsuspected party, denotes she will have trouble through the indiscretion of friends.

If she dreams that he is killed while with another woman, and a scandal ensues, she will be in danger of separating from her husband or losing property. Unfavorable conditions follow this dream, though the evil is often exaggerated. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of ink spilled on clothing, symbolizes bitterness and envy.

To see ink on your fingers signifies jealouss and anger towards someone.

To see bottles of ink in your dream suggests that a solution to your problem will soon become obvious.... My Dream Interpretation

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a lemon represent beauty and bounty.

A lemon can also represent bitterness, jealousy, envy, and the pain of not being recognized or of being skipped over. In addition, a lemon can also represent that you are processing a deal that has gone awry or of a situation that has failed to fulfill your expectations. See Fruit and Yellow.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Christian Dream Symbols

Bitterness or a situation that is not to your liking, Heb. 12:15 ... Christian Dream Symbols

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Figurative of bitterness and cowardice... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Apothecary, Pharmacist. Fear of illness, need for help, bitterness, emotional or physical needi- ness. Fear of disappointment, pain, poverty and / or old age. Often a hint that one can heal oneself. You have to “swallow” something.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Flour; Moving around in a circle) In a dream, a miller represents a selfish person who is particularly interested in acquiring worldly gains and at whatever price it may cost. Ifone sees an old man being a miller in a dream, the old man here represents his grandfather, or one’s bosom friend and consequently one will prosper and become extremely wealthy from his business.

If the miller is a young and a strong man in the dream, then he represents a strong helper.

A bakery miller in a dream means that one will attain his own goals through hard work.

If one sees himself grinding a sufficient quantity of wheat for two, three, or four people in a dream, it means that he labors for his own need and can barely provide for his family. Ifthe miller is a young man who has gray hair in the dream, then he represents both prosperity and strength. Seeing a miller in a dream also means adversities, fights, a spendthrift, usury, or a hard working guardian. Grinding other grains in a dream means dispelling distress and bitterness from one’s heart. (Also see Saffron)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

(see Healing, Medicine, Physician)

The radical need to change something that threatens your wholeness, happiness, or growth.

Destroying specific negative aspects of the self for renewal, like bad habits, bitterness, anger, etc.

Feeling fearful or helpless in connection with the health and welfare of someone close to you.... The Language of Dreams

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Bitterness has formed a spiritual shell that keeps one from fully enjoying the fruit of their life... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

The Language of Dreams

(see Healing, Medicine, Physician)

An alternative type of judgment dream. Many ancient cultures regarded widespread sickness as a sign of divine displeasure.

Blights perceived as being on your soul or spirit, like a curse.

Bitterness that rots away inside, creating all manner of dis-ease.

AIDS: In literal terms, AIDS is the plague of the 21st century, so this dream may express an honest fear playing itself out, or a homophobic reaction.

Leprosy: Feeling like your life is falling apart a little at a time, or that you are slowly losing yourself to someone or something. Alternatively, an experience or action that makes you feel “unclean” (see Din).

What or who does the plague affect? The answer to this question can reveal one’s anger, moral conflict, or prejudice pertaining to a group, person, or situation.... The Language of Dreams

The Way of Dreams and Visions

General Meaning: The most common interpretation for poison in Scripture is the presence of bitterness and negative words.

• Dreams


To dream that you are drinking poison is an indication that you are feeding on things that are deadly to you.

• Perhaps you have been browsing websites, watching teachings or even reading books that do not have the spirit of Christ on them. These things are poison to your spirit.

• Apostle Les also teaches how bitterness, fear and guilt are poison in your spirit.

• Visions Negative: Poison is a good picture of bitterness because of how it pollutes not only your own spirit, but how it defiles everyone else around you as well.

• Hebrews 12:15 Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble [you], and by it many be defiled; • James knew the power of words! Words have power, and words spoken in a curse against someone is like poisoning them and giving the enemy license to attack them.

• James 3:8 But the tongue no man can tame; [it is] an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. (AMIV).... The Way of Dreams and Visions

My Dream Interpretation

To dream about radiation, or to see others become sick from radiation in your dream, suggests that you need to get rid of something in your life that is causing you much sickness, stress or negativity. This dream may also signal a part of yourself that needs to be healed, either physically or mentally. Perhaps you are indulging in too much self-pity, and need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. However, if you dreamed that you became sick from radiation, this is a warning that you are introducing something into your life that is harmful to your well-being. This may be feelings of bitterness, jealousy or other bad feelings that are consuming you. Or, it could symbolize a person you have started to spend time with, who is very bad for you.... My Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

(see Blood, Colors)

Vital life, energy and passion, especially bright reds. Brownish-red: Death, bitterness, or smoldering anger.

Danger! Stop whatever you’re doing and look more closely, just as you would at a traffic light.

Red cape: Used in bull fighting, this is symbolic of controlling the masc uline nature.

Red caps: Often worn by mischievous fairies or wizards in fables, this might indicate your own yearning for a little playfulness and knavery.

Bright scarlet: Anger or fury (e.g., “seeing red”).

Red tape: Delays to the point of nearly being halted, often caused by bureaucratic approaches, people, or requirements.... The Language of Dreams

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

If a reptile attacks you in a dream, there will be trouble of a serious nature ahead for you.

If you succeed in killing it, you will finally overcome obstacles.

To see a dead reptile come to life, denotes that disputes and disagreements, which were thought to be settled, will be renewed and pushed with bitter animosity.

To handle them without harm to yourself, foretells that you will be oppressed by the ill humor and bitterness of friends, but you will succeed in restoring pleasant relations.

For a young woman to see various kinds of reptiles, she will have many conflicting troubles. Her lover will develop fancies for others.

If she is bitten by any of them, she will be superseded by a rival. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

The Fabric of Dream

Anger, quarrels, bitterness, while to a maid this dream denotes a false lover.... The Fabric of Dream

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Previously unknown jealousies, bitterness or hurt feel­ings need to be addressed (to take revenge on someone).

2. Use caution with the feelings of others, reassess behavior toward others (to have revenge taken on the dreamer). ... New American Dream Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Depth Psychology: Suffering from rheumatism: you are hiding emotional bitterness and disappointments from the outside world. Work through your anger and you will regain your emotional equilibrium.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: The scorpion is a mortal enemy of people; it is a symbol of demonic, life-, and health-threatening powers.

Vision: Seeing a scorpion: you have secret enemies—try to confront them. Getting bitten by a scorpion: one of your enemies is giving you a great deal of trouble.

Depth Psychology: This animal represents biting sarcasm, cynicism, aggression, and bitterness. Either you are the perpetrator or the victim.

If you are the victim, someone or something will negatively influence your life.... Dreamers Dictionary

The Language of Dreams

Having an overinflated ego on a specific matter. Tlie exact location of the swelling will delineate this dream further.

Self-originated obstacles that slow down any progress you hope to make.

Any matter that gets out of control, especially those things caused by emotional poisons like anger, bitterness, and jealousy.

Something or someone that has infected you physically, mentally, or spiritually, from which you are beginning to see the negative effects and consequences.... The Language of Dreams

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of a person’s words. Colorful teeth symbolize someone who likes to tell fanciful stories. Cracked teeth can symbolize a fear of dying or aging. Missing teeth can symbolize not having anything to say. Your teeth falling out may symbolize a fast lifestyle, decay, or fear of getting older. Sharp or razor teeth can symbolize that you use your words as weapons, Ps. 57:4. Clean teeth may symbolize not having any food or a spiritual drought, Amos 4:6. Broken teeth can symbolize anguish, mourning, and bitterness in life, Lam. 3:16. Seeing teeth shatter can symbolize God fighting against your enemies, Ps. 3:7 ... Christian Dream Symbols

The Way of Dreams and Visions

General Meaning: Positive: The blessing of the Lord. Negative: Bitterness prevalent in your life. Positive: White and healthy teeth speak of the blessing of the Lord and walking in abundance.

• Genesis 49:12 His eyes [will be] red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.

• It is also a picture of your strength and ability to overcome problems in your life.


To dream or have a vision of gnashing teeth speaks of the attack of the enemy. It is a curse of destruction and its intention is to tear you down.

• Job 16:9 He tears [me] in his wrath, who hates me: he gnashes upon me with his teeth; my enemy sharpens his eyes upon me.

• To have your teeth broken speaks of being humbled and of having your strengths removed from you.

• To dream of your teeth becoming rotten speaks of something inside of you that is not of God. This is a very good picture of bitterness, and how it destroys you from inside out.

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Malice that kills and corrupts one’s spirit, i.E. Bitterness... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of walnuts, is an omen significant of prolific joys and favors.

To dream that you crack a decayed walnut, denotes that your expectations will end in bitterness and regretable collapse.

For a young woman to dream that she has walnut stain on her hands, foretells that she will see her lover turn his attention to another, and she will entertain only regrets for her past indiscreet conduct. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

The Way of Dreams and Visions

General Meaning: The force that brings about the washing in our lives.

The Word of God and the anointing are both depicted by Water in the Scriptures.

• Positive: Being washed with water speaks of being cleansed and of putting things behind you. It also speaks of being cleansed from your sin.

• Water is a picture of the anointing. John 4:14 Water is also a picture of the Word of God, and how it sets us free from the dirt in our lives.

• Ephesians 5:26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the [rhema] word, • To water something means to nurture it and to give it life.

If you are in ministry, then it means that you should be watering the seeds that have been planted in the hearts of God’s people.

• This is primarily a teaching function, just as Apollos functioned in.

• 1 Corinthians 3:61 have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.


Water that is bitter or dirty speaks of a contamination, likely stemming from bitterness.

• It speaks of those that really do have a ministry, but unfortunately are in deception. They have allowed some things in their life that are not of the Lord.

• To dream of being in unclean water speaks of the things you are getting involved in.

• Instead of walking in the spirit, by getting involved with these things or feeding on things that are not of God, you are contaminating your spirit.

• It could also indicate that the ministry you have been receiving is not pure and directly from the Lord. Some of it is tainted with the flesh and man’s ideas.

• When I train God’s leaders I share how the Lord takes them through training to get rid of their own ideas.

• The revelation and the anointing that God gives is pure when it comes from your spirit. However if your mind is filled with things of the world or your own ideas, you end up tainting that word. Then what comes out is only a part Christ, and the rest is your own ideas!

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Baptism, Basin, Ocean, River, Wash.... The Way of Dreams and Visions

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To attend a wedding in your dream, you will speedily find that there is approaching you an occasion which will cause you bitterness and delayed success.

For a young woman to dream that her wedding is a secret is decidedly unfavorable to character. It imports her probable downfall.

If she contracts a worldly, or approved marriage, signifies she will rise in the estimation of those about her, and anticipated promises and joys will not be withheld.

If she thinks in her dream that there are parental objections, she will find that her engagement will create dissatisfaction among her relatives.

For her to dream her lover weds another, foretells that she will be distressed with needless fears, as her lover will faithfully carry out his promises.

For a person to dream of being wedded, is a sad augury, as death will only be eluded by a miracle.

If the wedding is a gay one and there are no ashen, pale-faced or black-robed ministers enjoining solemn vows, the reverses may be expected.

For a young woman to dream that she sees some one at her wedding dressed in mourning, denotes she will only have unhappiness in her married life.

If at another’s wedding, she will be grieved over the unfavorable fortune of some relative or friend. She may experience displeasure or illness where she expected happiness and health.

The pleasure trips of others or her own, after this dream, may be greatly disturbed by unpleasant intrusions or surprises. See Marriage and Bride. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of bitterness, Jer. 9:15 ... Christian Dream Symbols

The Fabric of Dream

A dream predicting bitter trials (Gypsy). Ancient symbol of bitterness.... The Fabric of Dream

The Language of Dreams

(see Blood, Healing, Physician, Salve, Surgery)

Unresolved issues or an open emotional trauma that has not had time to heal.

Infected wounds represent the festering of resentment and bitterness. Remember that these negative emotions produce nothing positive, and only hurt you. Find a constructive outlet for your feelings instead.... The Language of Dreams

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