Blister, Dream Interpretation

Excessive physical and mental stress caused by fiery trials; research anatomical location

To dream that you have a blister suggests that some minor problem is draining your energy and time.

To dream that you got the blister from hard labor means you need to make more effort to overcome your little problems.

To dream that you got the blister from a burn, suggests an emotional or relationship problem. Where the blister is located is also important.

If the blister is on your hand, you are having issues related to power and your abilities.

If the blister is on your face, this relates to issues involving your identity and self-image.

1. Long-running, annoying problems.

2. May indicate more attention or effort is required toward problems or projects.

3. A need to address repressed anger or rage.

Dreams of a blister represent that something or someone is rubbing you the wrong way. Your dream is showing you that an emotional explosion will erupt if the situation isn’t corrected. Consider where the blister is on your body to discern this dream’s message for you.

Blister | Dream Interpretation

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