Bookkeeping, Dream Interpretation

(see Arithmetic, Books)

The tallying of your life or actions against a prespecified guideline.

For example, many religions speak of a divine book wherein deeds are recorded to determine the soul’s fate after death.

A type of money dream

If the numbers in the dream won’t add up, then there is something in your life that likewise doesn’t quite make sense...all the pieces don’t reckon.

Bookkeeping | Dream Interpretation

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The Complete Dream Book

(See Adding Machine Ledger), Bookkeeping dreams may augur difficulty in love affairs, but they usuaHy point to eventual success. Difficulty in adding figures or in balancing accounts is an indication of quarrels, but to dream that a balance is secured at the first trial is a prediction of an early marriage.... The Complete Dream Book

Mystic Dream Book

All written documents or books are unfavourable omens in a dream—this includes Bookkeeping, or the use of Ledgers or Cash Books.... Mystic Dream Book
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