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(Lending; Loan) If the borrowed object is pleasing in the dream, then it means good that will not last, and if the borrowed subject is despised, then it becomes a bad omen. Borrowing a vehicle, or taking a ride in a dream means unlawfully getting hold of someone else’s property. Borrowing a valuable object from someone in a dream means paying indemnity, reparation, or a fine of equal value to the object borrowed in the dream.

The borrowed object also could signify prosperity and success in one’s life, or it could mean committing a shameful act, suffering from a scandal, or a warning which implies the need to avoid a scandal, deceit or corruption. Borrowingor lending in a dream represents the importance of, or one’s need for such an object or his love for it. Thus, the enchantment which is derived from borrowing or lending an object to satisfy such things as love, attachment or need may be temporary.

To borrow a bad object or something which is used for evil purpose or something one can do without, or an unnecessary thing means that one will suffer because of it, though one’s sufferings will not last.

To borrow a vehicle in a dream means to carry the lender’s burdens or liability. (Also see Lending; Loan)

Borrowing is a sign of loss and meagre support.

For a banker to dream of borrowing from another bank, a run on his own will leave him in a state of collapse, unless he accepts this warning.

If another borrows from you, help in time of need will be extended or offered you. True friends will attend you.

Borrowing | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

It symbolises his profits and gains which will remain in safe custody.... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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