Bosom, Dream Interpretation

A well-developed, shapely bosom or breast indicates that you have wealth and comfort to look forward to.

If the breasts are old and withered, then you will experience sadness and, possibly, illness.

(See Breast; Chest)

it symbolises a person’s patience and tolerance.

A wide bosom symbolises great tolerance while a small one bespeaks of little or no tolerance at all.

To dream that your Bosom is inflamed of painful is a sign of coming illness.

See Breasts.

For a young woman to dream that her bosom is wounded, foretells that some affliction is threatening her.

To see it soiled or shrunken, she will have a great disappointment in love and many rivals will vex her.

If it is white and full she is soon to be possessed of fortune.

If her lover is slyly observing it through her sheer corsage, she is about to come under the soft persuasive influence of a too ardent wooer.

If a giri dreams that her lover, or any other man, is glancing covertly at her partly revealed bosom, she will have to be on her guard against over-amorous advances which will be made to her.

For an unmarried man to dream of a woman’s bosom is a sign that he will contract a happy marriage; for a married man, that his wife will inherit property from an unexpected source.

An ample bosom on a woman is a presage of increasing responsibilities that will bring worthwhile reward.

Bosom | Dream Interpretation

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